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Anyone else excited about 4-Hour Chef?

I I just got Tim's new book on my Kindle...hoping it's a game changer.

Anyone else out there looking forwards to it?


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I got the book for my B-Day this weekend and have started hopping around and reading chapters. I personally thought the book would be more like a traditional cook book with lots of recipes etc. But as we know Tim Ferriss doesn't do anything traditional. The cooking school aspects are all stuff I already know. What I do love are the stories and the experiments and the science how-to's etc so I have not been able to put the book down.

People should know it's not a cook book for 4HB. If you are not comfortable in the kitchen and cooking then this is a great book for you as it's chocked full of excellent information.

  • Dmayoff Mayoff commented Nov 21st 2012:'s very "Tim Ferris-like" - which is interesting, but takes a while to get to the recipes,and there's lots of talk let alone talk about "food".

    I guess I have revised my expectations on this one and will read it a bit like the 4HB and not like "The Joy of Cooking". :)

    We have Kindles (my wife and I) and she's not interested in 'reading' a cookbook (even though I tried to explain to her that it's not a "regular" cookbook, it's a Tim Ferris Cookbook)...she just was wondering how to find the recipes (which was hard to do in the Kindle version).

    Still, they're there, and they look...interesting.

  • Pierrebuz commented Nov 22nd 2012:

    He says all the recipes other than cheat day recipes are SCD compatible. All things considered its probably worth the money just for some more SCD recipes, but it looks like he details a lot of little SCD tidbits as well.

  • G G commented Nov 23rd 2012:

    Let me clarify, when I say traditional cookbook I mean, it would have a Breakfast section here are 30 recipes to get 30 grams of protein in the morning. Then a lunch and dinner and quick meal sections. Yes this book has a lot of recipes, I doubt a large portion of readers will attempt many of them. I love this book, I still have not put it down this week. I will be making the chocolate wine with Whey isolate recipe on my cheat day. Not sure when I will be skinning a whole deer though :).

  • Dmayoff Mayoff commented Nov 24th 2012:

    No deer skinning either for me...interesting read so far at the very least - it has thinking of SCD in a more adventurous manner to say the least.

    One thing I was a bit confused - he has (what appears to be) a non-cheat day "dinner party" where he cooks sweet potato...what gives with that? Maybe he assumes that those of us who read 4HB will put two and two together and figure that this must be his cheat day?

    I suppose I could also bake/roast radishes using the same concept (he does it with garlic) - yum!

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I ordered the 25 book deal he had on. Just waiting for it to arrive. If anyone in the Vancouver area needs a hard copy I have them!

Yes I am excited. Looks like great material.


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Just bought the Kindle version for 5 bucks.


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Mine's just shipped to me yesterday, just curious now to see what all he's got in it!

  • Brenda 7 commented Nov 21st 2012:

    I just received my book today, and, on pg. 6 - #3 it says:"The dishes you'll learn, apart from desserts for "cheat day" are all compliant with the "Slow-Carb Diet". If you follow this book you won't have to think of following a diet, since it's built in.

    So wanted to let other's know that it does include SCD recipes or info. I haven't had a chance to look thru much more, but also wanted to give "Akane" a big congratulations as her before and after pics are on page 75! whoo hoo!!!

  • Francisco Bento commented Nov 23rd 2012:

    WOW... that is so awesome!!! Akane is definitely this forum's muse!!!

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