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I'm confused? I thought beans were good!

I've just started , I'm so excited about the program I think it's great & exactly what I need. I followed the plan exactly(I think) as listed ! Today is weigh in day #1 and I've gained 3 lbs? I went back and re read all the posts, cheat sheets and grabbed the book of my shelf to be sure. What went wrong? What I'm most confused about is that often the suggestions are to limit the beans or cut out the beans/legumes. I thought they were the reason this program worked where other

"no carb, low carb" plans didn't work? I thought it was scientifically proven etc. etc.?

I'm sure most people couldn't weigh in not knowing specifically what I've done or didn't do however if you have info regarding removing or limiting the beans I'd be grateful and any suggestions that might help a women, who just completed week one, followed the program to the T and not only didn't lose weight - I gained 3 lbs?



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Hey Dianna,

Any chance you can provide what an average meal looks like for you? Like how much beans are you eating, how much veggies, and meat per meal? I know there are some beans that have more insulin than others

Are you eating enough calories throughout the day? In the 4hb, tim mentions you don’t have to eat legumes at every meal (but you do need to eat larger portions of non-legumes to make up the calories).

Are you eating 30 grams of protein first thing in the morning? A lot of water? Are you working out?

More details on your daily meals or what you're doing would help us give you better advice:)

  • G G commented Nov 19th 2012:

    The beans have been important as they make me feel full and they keep me satisfied between meals. My first 2 week my portions were pretty big and my bean intake was about 1/2 cup or more per meal and I still lost lbs. Now I have cut the beans down as the day progresses as I find I dont need them as much.

    Stick with it, you will get results, there are so many successful people here to show you it works.


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I would stick with it a bit longer. Your body needs to adjust to the no-carb thing.

I didn't start seeing good daily weight loss until the second week.

This diet works for me; I put on 2kg on Saturday and I've lost it and more by Tuesday.

  • Dale Zilva commented Nov 20th 2012:

    I was in the sam situation for 2 weeks. I realized that it was the amount of water you drink. Beans, not scientifically based, tend to expand due to the fiber, I assume, and makes you feel and look full. The more water you drink the more you flush out of your system as the fiber "cleans out" your insides. It took me about 1.5 to start seeing any losses. Its not for sure but that was my experience.


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You should share your typical daily intake so that the people on here can evaluate your situation better. Is "weigh in day #1" the morning of cheat day before breakfast?


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What they all said. Mostly, give it time. I think everyone that fails SCD or CKD doesn't give it a chance to work. Changing your body requires some ramp up. Your lipid profile returns to normal, changing the way you feel hungry or sated, and changing the rapidity with which insulin is circulated to store fat. As you spemd more and more time in ketosis, your body becomes efficient at burning fat for energy instead of carbs, and your blubber will steadily melt away. The whole bean deal is explained elsewhere, but in a nutshell: eat them if you're hungry, skip or reduce if you're not. They have a very low glycemic response so they will give you a slow release of energy instead of being stored as fat. Without them, the diet is called cyclic ketogenic diet, and is equally as effective but more demanding on the body and hunger. Don't cut or reduce beans at least until month 2. Gotta race, good luck and welcome to the forums (and a new awesome lifestyle!)

  • Drewfis H commented Nov 21st 2012:

    I felt compelled to add at tip on here about cooking beans. If you are nervous they'll slow your progress, but have the extra time... DON'T buy canned (and if you have to, then rinse thoroughly in a colander). The more processed a food is, the higher the glycemic response (meaning more insulin will be released and potentially more fat stored if you have no use for the sugars rendered). Buy dry and soak, en mass.

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