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Different Ratios of Protein, Legumes and Vegetables at Different Meals

Hi guys,

I am asking something extremely specific here, so bare with me...

I am entering my third week on the SCD and I'm fairly certain it's working effectively.

As I go, I'm learning and researching constantly. I get obsessed with things when I get interested and Google them relentlessly; SCD is no exception. I'm refining my meals every time I make them to make them more and more in line with textbook SCD.

I eat my 30g of protein within 30 minutes (40 max if things get too busy in the morning) and have completely changed my meals to match the 5 rules.

HOWEVER, I don't follow Tim's second rule to a tee, which brings me to my question:

Is it important to eat 1 of each group of item (protein, legume, vegetable) with every meal?

Let me elaborate with an example of my daily meals...

BREAKFAST: Two eggs, two teaspoons of cottage cheese, a handful of spinach scrambled in a bit of butter (may increase to three eggs, but still getting used to eating in the morning).

LUNCH: Pre-made chilli con carne with a healthy dose of lentils, without rice.

DINNER: Steak or chicken breast, cooked in olive oil with berlotti beans (with a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil) and broccoli and green beans (with a bit of butter and salt).

As you can see, I don't usually eat beans in the morning (as they don't go well with the eggs) and I don't eat green vegetables at lunch (but eat plenty of legumes)

So over the day I'm eating plenty of the three groups, but each meal doesn't necessarily have one of each as Tim suggests.

I'm eating no white carbs, no dairy and no fruit. I drink nothing but water (around 3 litres a day) and a cup or two of black tea. I cheat like a mo'fo on Saturday.

Does adhering strictly to Rule #2 have any weight loss benefit?

  • John Smith commented Nov 19th 2012:

    As I wrote this I realised I'm not eating enough protein in the morning. I'm going to add some bacon and lentils to my morning scramble and cut the cottage cheese.

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I love your inquisitive nature, I'm the same way.

Short answer yes eat all 3 at every meal

1) Vegetables contains all your electrolytes you need for healthy cell function and your primary source of fiber for good digestion.

2) Legumes is where you get you goods carbs for fuel and keeps you out of ketosis.

3) Proteins contains your essential amino acids and saturated fats.

Also eating all 3 together for me seems to help regulate you blood sugar better also.

For breakfast try lentils separately. I find that you want breakfast to have the most calories as this sets the tone for the rest of the day.

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