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Accountability Partners?

Hey there!

I have done the SCD a few times in the past and have gotten GREAT results. However, this past year, I fell off the wagon and now ready to get back on! I think it's *so* important to have a community of like-minded people. Would anyone be interested in being accountability partners (via email) or meet up once a week or every other week over coffee or something that's SCD approved?


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I'm on the Lose It community. I weigh in about 4-7 times a week and admit publicly that I ate a piece of candy or had a cheese burger.

add me there, email me, or text.. don't care. I've lost 26 lbs using the SCD. I do ok.

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I am down for this... I need a accountability partner too.... did well with it but plateaued then stopped.... gotta get the crock pot out and start the beans again.

Hit me back.



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This is actually a fantastic idea, not only will it help because of the online community but we can build our local communities to help each other, give tips, see whats working, and of course encouragement.

  • Bluezen1014 commented Nov 19th 2012:

    Great! Anyone interested, send me a message with your contact info and I'll get something started:)

  • Jenny L commented Nov 21st 2012:

    Hey there I'm definitely interested in this, I've fallen off the wagon the last 2 weeks and really want to get back on again - having a partner or a site where we share whats going on will help loads!!


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I'm starting again Sunday on my quest to cut about 40 lbs using SCD... And am always down with accountability partners. So anyone who wants to do this and keep in touch via here or email send me a message!

  • Bluezen1014 commented Nov 24th 2012:

    Hey everyone, I'm rarely on this thing so if you want to be accountability partners, you all can email me at mailto:Mika@thepathtopassion.com :)

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