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SCD For Too Long?

Hi All!

I"m new to the site and wondering if anyone can help me with a frustrating plateau. I've been doing SCD or a modified version for well over a year now, but I'm currently following the diet by the book and hit a plateau big time. I get 30 grams of protein right away in the morning, and only eating salad, protein (chicken) and black beans or lentils with few snacks. Is it possible that I've just been doing the diet too long and it's only meant to be done for two months?

Anything helps! Thanks!



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Hi Erin,

First of all welcome! Second of all if you look up the forum there are quite a few people here who have been on this over a year and still losing weight (search for the amazing Akane!). Many factors can lead to this plateau but lets go over a few:

What is your weight and height? maybe you are already close to what would be ideal weight? Body fat monitoring is really good for this, and you might already be in range to move into The Last Mile or Occam's Razor.

You say you are on a modified version of SCD, what are the modifications?

Are you getting plenty of veggies? not just salad and greens, you should get a nice mix of veggies.

Are you getting enough water? if you search a few of the plateau posts here many people broke through their plateaus be increasing their water intake.

Could you give us a more detailed breakdown of your daily meals? whats in the salads? what are you seasoning stuff with?

Are you incorporating any exercise into your routine?

the more info you can give us the better, and I'm sure everyone in the forum will find a solution for your plateau.

  • Pierrebuz commented Nov 19th 2012:

    Also, though it hasn't been my experience, I do know artificial sweeteners have stalled people's weight loss. Also, although it's not a great thing to do all the time you might want to just do some calorie math for a few of your days. Is it 2000+ a day?

  • Nicole Pape commented Nov 19th 2012:

    And then: no snacking in between. You shouldn´t be hungry.

  • Erin Dunn commented Nov 21st 2012:

    I vaguely remember reading Last Mile and Occam's Razor, but I was doing that for a while I think; I don't have the book anymore, so I'd need a refresher. I started the diet at 137, down to 130, now back up to 137 but my clothes still fit the same and my waist is smaller. .

  • Erin Dunn commented Nov 21st 2012:

    I am exercising at least 4-5 times per week, strength and cardio, I drink plenty of water, I vary my veggies and eat plenty when I have meals.

    I do eat snacks b/c I wake up so early and work long hours so need sustenance- but they're things like celery and carrots and protein bars; I eat every three hours or so which he says is fine in the book.

    The only thing I can think is maybe the olive oil I'm putting on the salad? I don't do too many artificial sweeteners except jello and I have a little peanut butter during the day to stave off hunger...

    thanks for the help so far!

  • sabre2hopes commented Nov 22nd 2012:

    just writing to say nothing wrong with olive oil. it's possible you may be exercising too much and hence building up muscle (which isn't a bad thing either...)

  • sabre2hopes commented Nov 22nd 2012:

    damned... can't edit a comment - i'm down to 3 days of cardio/strength/general-masochism if it helps

  • Erin Dunn commented Nov 22nd 2012:

    Good, b/c I love olive oil ;) and I lowered the weights and mainly do resistance stuff- down to 134 from 137 but am also taking thermo CLA just once daily. Thanks for advice!

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