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Running Question? Need a 30 minute plan.

Hi all! I'm in Med school so I don't have a long time to run. I run 4 days a week for 30 minutes. I cannot increase the time or amount of days (as I go to the gym or swim the other 3 days)

I need a good training plan that will fit my 30 minute max workout time.

My goal is to do a 5K in under 25 minutes.

All of the running sites have a constantly increasing distance which would take too much time. Does anyone have a suggestion for a 6 or 8 week running workout?

Thanks all!!

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Hi there! have you checked out C25K? its a program that is based on only 30 minutes per run and about 3-4 times a week. Its mainly designed to get people who've never run to work up to run a 5K in under 30 minutes. It worked wonders for me! there is also an advanced one for people who are already runners called the 5K improver which also does the same interval training but at higher speeds to improve a runner's timing and pace


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Take my advice: try not to plan out your training. You can't know how fast your progress will be. What you need is a few basic run types that you can rotate through.

1 - Normal Run (I'd do this one first. If you're aiming for 25 min 5k, try 6mph at first and see how that fits. If you run the full distance at this pace you'll be at a 30min 5k. if you dont, no shame here. just run til you can't run and then walk a bit and start running again as soon as you can. Try a 3-3.5mph walk which will keep you in the zone but let you catch your breath.

2 - Interval run - This is where you'll make your biggest performance jumps. I dont want to give any hard rules here. Just play around with it. go 2 mins on as fast as you can and 1 min off. or 5 mins on fast and 2 mins off. Or just go at whatever fast pace you want for as long as you can and then walk until you can speed it up again.

For variance, you can do either of these types with hills or inclines on a treadmill. Give yourself a 5-10 min warm up walk. and you'd probably do well to cool down too (but I know we're getting over 30mins here. Your call.

Oh and 4 times a week might be too much. You gotta give those legs time to rebuild. Trust me though, if you're worried about having enough time to exercise, it will more than pay you back in extra energy.

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