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Spinach, squeezed lemon smoothie with Almond Milk

I always start my day with a spinach smoothie, usually add 2 carrots, cup of almond milk and a squeezed lemon.

Specific questions

1) Is a cup of almond milk too much

2) Carrots should be ok, right?

3) I understand lemon juice can help, but is one lemon each morning ok?



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Look at the nutritional info of the almond milk to make sure carbs are low and also that there aren't any added sugars. Carrots are starcy veg so they contain more sugar, for some people they are okay in small quantities but they aren't low carb. Although lemon is low carb it is a fruit so contains sugar.


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What diet are you doing? if it's SCD is this in addition to your SCD breakfast?

Lemons are fine- an entire lemon has 2 grams of sugar.

Carrots are ok but 2 medium carrots give you 10 grams of sugar.

Almond milk like almonds should probably be in moderation.

again- what diet are you trying to do? if SCD what else are you eating the AM?

if you aren't eating anything else- skip the smoothie, cook the spinach with your eggs, eat some beans and if you want the lemon, add it to your morning water.

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