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6 Month Report! Including Before and After* Pics!

Helloooo fellow slow-carbers

I am delighted to say I hit a huge landmark today, 6 months (actually 6 4-week cycles) of Slow-carbing! Excited to say I have great results to show and even before and after* pictures!

Total Changes since starting 6/4/2012

Total Lbs lost: 76lbs (10lbs since last month! really great considering all my travel and that I have not been able to run or walk long distances because of a foot injury)

Fat Lbs lost: 69.229lbs (hooray for body fat monitoring!)

Body fat % lost: 17.5% (at 23.9 now, finally below the dreaded "Obese" range!).

Inches lost off my chest: 8.5"

Inches lost off my stomach: 10.85"

Pant size: went from barely closing a 42 to easily fitting into a 36

Numbers of comments and compliments about my weight loss: too many to count!

Another crazy stat? I've lost 27% of my starting body weight! I am not 3/4 of the person I used to be. Sorry I'm a bit of a data junkie

Now for those before and after pics:

this is me the weekend before I started slow-carbing, which also happened to be my harajuku moment.





Now this is me, 6 months after, wearing the same shirt, and not sweating profusely:



This is me wearing a smaller tshirt and new pants!



I wanna thank ALL OF YOU. You have all made a difference, I can recite names of the top of my head but I know I'll miss a ton of you. You guys are a second family to me and a huge part of my success. To all of you who are thinking about doing this, STICK WITH IT. Trust the book, look for advice, everyone here is willing to help. It will change your life in so many ways. I feel and look like a completely different person. My confidence has gone from the ground to a high level. Oh you all might be wondering about the asterisk on the title and on the post on the "After" word. It is because this is by no means an "After." This is only a "current'. I'm gonna keep fighting, I'm gonna keep running, I'm gonna keep going as much as I can to a healthier version of me. I can say this with honesty and tears in my eyes: Thank you.


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Juan, I have tears in my eyes now for you too!!! This progression of pics is AWESOME and will help countless folks who come to this site for information and inspiration! Just think about that!!! -- not only have your life and your health improved so much, but you are ALSO now the starting point for so many others who will find their lives and their health improving when they learn about the slow carb way.

I'm overjoyed for you that you have made such a huge improvement in your life, and of course anyone who has battled overweight knows that it is about sooooooooooo much more than just being slimmer and feeling better. The quality of life, the liberation, and the newfound enthusiasm for life is invaluable.

Thank you so much for posting all this! What a joy to "meet" you this way!!!

Best always --


  • Gretchen Linden commented Nov 17th 2012:

    I forgot to put my joyous, spinning monkey here for you, Juan!!!!


  • Natalie Dunleavy commented Nov 17th 2012:

    Congratulations Juan! That's absolutely fantastic!!!! :) :)

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 17th 2012:

    Gretchen! Thank you so much! not just for your comment but also for the many times you've provided help and inspiration for me. We are all part of a great community here, we're changing lives, and not just ours.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Nov 18th 2012:

    Juan -- can you explain what you mean by "6 4-week cycles", please? Did you have a different plan/routine/diet/exercise regimen for each 4-week segment, or.....? Thanks!!

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 18th 2012:

    Gretchen - what I meant was that I didn't count months as 30-31 day periods. What I counted as a "month" was every time I finished another 4 weeks. I weigh in saturday mornings so it was easier to keep track of monthly progress that way instead of checking every 15th or the month or another random date. So technically this wasn't my 6-month check in but my 24-week check-in. Kinda like a lunar cycle

  • Gretchen Linden commented Nov 18th 2012:

    Got it; thank you, Juan!

  • Sandra Slone commented Dec 8th 2012:


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HI Juan, i've been waiting all week for your post today! i couldn't wait to see your results, and wow, what a difference and great pictures. Such a great accomplishment for you too and a source of inspiration to us all here on the forum. I hope you continue your journey with as much enthusiasm as you've already shown. I know i enjoy your posts and helpful hints too, (loved the ghee link). Keep going you are doing so great!!!

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 17th 2012:

    Brenda, same to you, love all your links, tips, and recipes! I'm still very self-conscious about pictures but I worked up the courage for this six month landmark

  • Brenda 7 commented Nov 18th 2012:

    Juan i sent you the pumpkin bread recipe yesterday, did you get it? on here.

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 18th 2012:

    Brenda, yup I found it, I have it saved and I might try it thanksgiving day !


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Yeeea Juan! I'm right there with you dude. The hard but most rewarding part is upon us! Lets bust through from the "wow you look great" reactions to the "holy &%#*!" Jaw dropping. Thanks for the update bro.

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 18th 2012:

    Drew! thanks man. I've definitely noticed that each new 10lbs I loose are way more noticeable than the previous 10. I've been getting lots of comments on that and also on people who say I look a lot thinner than my current weight. Lets keep kicking ass!


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Wow! You look fabulous! What a huge change! Your after pictures look like the younger brother of the guy in the before pictures! Congratulations! I know it took hard work and effort, and it really shows!

  • Jenny L commented Nov 21st 2012:

    You are awesome! What an inspiration you are, the biggest congratulations! :)

  • Bluezen1014 commented Dec 8th 2012:

    Way to go Juan! So excited and happy for you! You are a true inspiration out there for people struggling with this. You are right.. the SCD really DOES WORK ONLY IF YOU STICK WITH IT:)


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Wow Juan,

This was so great to read. Congratulations on your progress. :) Like others said, will definitely be an inspiration to others getting on the diet. Way to go!

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