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Does water weight effects the way you look?

I just took a steam bath and lost 1 Pound (All water weight). I was wondering if water weight has an impact on the way we look.

If you loose 2kg of water weight, Does it make any changes in your appearance?


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Most definitely. Water retained in the body makes you look more puffy. Lose water, lose some puffiness is all. Not to be confused with fat loss.


  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Nov 22nd 2012:

    Keep in mind also that retaining water can lead to inflammation as well, and inflammation is probably the worst thing for the body. In fact a lot of chronic illness is now believed to be the result of either inflammation directly, or the bodies attempt to deal with said inflammation. So of the key research into this is actually demonstrated why Carbohydrates may not be the best fuel source for us as our bodies are not meant to hold onto two to six pounds of additional fluid.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Nov 22nd 2012:

    Need to clarify though that the body does require you to drink a lot of water to function at peak efficiency. It just doesn't need to hold onto it.

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Yes. Although dehydration will slingshot you back and then some because the body will retain more water afterwards because it thinks it needs to stock up. Also, lack of water can stall fat loss.

Best to figure out what makes you retain water and avoid it.

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