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2 meals a day?

I'm trying to break through a plateau and one of the things I'm thinking of, is maybe trying to follow my body's natural needs a bit, instead of the diet's rules which are flat for everyone.

My body, in general, works like this (When NOT on this diet):

I usually skip breakfast. I get a coffee a couple of hours after waking. On occasion I might get a sandwich with it.

I eat a lot at noon.

I don't get hungry anymore after noon. I might get hungry again, but late at night, at around 22:00-23:00, a time when I avoid eating, unless I'm not caring, and then I might eat a lot, just cuz I don't care.

This is a pretty normal day for me:

8AM - Waking up, Skip breakfast. Drink lots of water first thing I do.

10-11 AM - Get a coffee, usually espresso/black with no sugar, might get a sandwich with it, but not regularly - only if I get the crave for one.

1-2 PM - I'm pretty hungry now, I'll get a big lunch with lots of meat and some carbs, some salad.

7-8 PM - Something very small as I'm not hungry, only "craving" stuff by now. Something like a piece of bread with some veggies and tuna, but small amounts, just to put something in my stomach.

That's it for me on a normal day where I watch what I eat but don't try to lose weight.

On this diet I have been following the menu very closely, but now with the plateau, I'm trying to listen to my body a bit better. As expected, my two biggest issues with this diet is breakfast, and dinner.

I don't wake up hungry, and no matter what, I will never, ever wake up hungry. I've been there. I tried breakfast for a whole year once, and I could never get used to it. That's just something my body does - my system wakes up a couple of hours after I wake up. I can eat, but I don't have an appetite, I just shovel the food in.

But since the 30g of proteins is so important in the morning, I won't even bother skipping that.

My other problem is dinner.

Take today for example:

Breakfast was a can of tuna with some beans and spinach. Lunch was chicken and turkey meat, a load of salad, and tahini on top. That was as early as 1PM, and it's now 11PM.

10 hours later, and I can still feel a little bit full from my lunch. I can eat by now, but if I had to judge, I'd say that I could eat by now because food tastes good, not because I'm hungry or anything.

If I followed my body's needs with SCD, I'd skip breakfast, get my coffee and maybe a salad after a couple of hours, I'd get a big lunch, and skip dinner altogether.

But since skipping breakfast is not a possibility, I gotta get to the bottom line of this wall of text, and ask... does skipping dinner if I don't feel like it sound like a good idea? It's certainly what my body wants more often than not, and I'm kinda sick of shoveling food twice a day when I'm not even hungry for it.


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You could try stepping down to 20g at breakfast so you don't feel stuffed. Then aim for 20g at lunch with veggies for fiber and taper back on the beans to make the meal smaller, again so you don't feel painful full. Then at dinner, skip the beans completely and focus on the protein. Or split dinner into 10g at dinner time and 10g in a handful of almonds mid afternoon. Or, as Tim admits works for people who just can't stomach breakfast, opt for a protein drink that won't leave you still full at lunch.

You can also try varying your proteins and vegetables to see if some things sit better than others. In the morning, I can't stomach hard boiled eggs at all but a couple fried dont bother me too much. My usual morning meal is a hamburger! Not exactly "breakfasty" but it gets most of the protein without being a huge portion. Similarly, raw vegetables can make you feel really full and bloated if you aren't used to them, but cooked veggies go down fine. I can eat a giant bowl of cooked spinach but some butter or olive oil on it, but that same amount of raw spinach would give me a stomach ache! It's trial and error. What works for one person may not work for another, but its worth trying something to see if you can break your plateau!

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I think skipping out on meals isn't going to help your plateau. I know it's counter intuitive to eat when you're not hungry, if you don't eat enough food, you're downshifting your metabolism.

I HATE beans myself, especially first thing for breakfast but the pain of staying the same is more painful than the act of changing so I grin and bear it. hang in there!


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If you have good data already, try it out. I skip breakfast enough. If I'm not mistaken, it's actually close to what intermittent fasting is.

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