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Experiment - no 2 people are exactly alike

I am now about 30 weeks into SCD, lost 41 pounds total (had a month off for a bad car accident). Could I be further, yes. Am I happy where I am - you bet - 6 sizes in pants lost - it's all good. Why Did it take me longer to lose? I use weeks as controlled test. I know what I can eat and can't eat by testing. For instance, I keep the same diet for 2 weeks, but I change one small thing to see the affect. I drink a lot of coffee, so I added Slenda for a week - I lost no weight that week. The next week I add stevia instead of slenda - lost 3.5 pounds that week. I now regularly add stevia and some half and half and I am losing without a problem. My suggestion is to take a week and try something, changing only one thing. The benefits are great - I can drink a little Crown Royal Black and it doesn't affect my wieght loss!!! :)

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