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I have been following the 4 hour body diet for about 5 weeks. I have lost about 10 lbs, but I have not been as strict as I could be. I was wondering how much damage it does to have a cheat meal (i.e. pizza on valentine's day) during the week between cheat days.

We also treat the cheat day as a 24 hour period where we can eat what we want. For example, we start by eating some carbs at 9:30 PM on Saturday and stop by 9:30 the next night. I know it is not exactly what is prescribed, but it helps us get to the cheat days some times to know we can start a bit early. I am not sure if this is hurting us.

I will be reducing or eliminating the corn I am eating after a search for whether popcorn is ok. I miss going to the movies, but my wife refuses to go unless she can get popcorn, and we are usually out running errands between big meals on cheat day, so we don't have time to go then. We have been eating ketchup on our burger patties, but I think I will be nixing that as well. I am not losing as quickly as I like and I thought I was following pretty closely. I will probably pick up the kettle bell exercises soon.

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Bear in mind that the cheat meal is mainly a way to keep you on your diet. If you can eat anything one day a week, then you are more likely to be successful. If having a cheat meal during the week helps you stay strong, I say go for it. You can always exercise before hand, this counteracts negative gains from carbs and such. Or do the standing squats after your meal that Tim suggests to help those calories pass through quicker. Health stores actually sell vitamins that allow you to eat unhealthily without any consequences. I can't think of what they're called off-hand. And lastly, men tend to burn more resting calories than women since they're bigger, more muscle, etc. so the popcorn might affect your wife than it would you.

Tim's diet is pretty extreme. I've been able to lose weight just fine drinking milk and eating sandwiches (though maybe not as quickly). If you eat a lot of protein with your carbs, it should counter balance alright. Just eat a steak or chicken breast with cottage cheese right before you go to the movie. I hope that gives you an idea.


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It's not hurting you, of course, but it probably is slowing down your weight loss. The plan is the plan for a reason - extreme weight loss in a short period of time. I've lost 8 pounds in 11 days (with one cheat day in there) and it's only because I've been strict in my adherence. I've only got a total of 18 pounds in my weight loss goal so...I'm pretty stoked. :D

If you were to pick apart what you've said for likely culprits I'd say that the cheat meal has potential to be a trouble maker during the week, especially if you're cheating the night before cheat day. Essentially you're carbing up 3 nights out of 7 instead of 1.

You need to ask yourself how it impacts your mental health as well as your phsyical, though. It might be you need that cheat meal and extra night's worth of "time off" to get through this. If you're happy with the pace of your weight loss then it's all good. If you stall out or want to drop weight faster then you probably need to change things up. I bet if you went strict you'd double your losses...but it might not be worth it.

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