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state of ketosis

Iv heard a lot about ketosis and understand what it is but how do I know if my body is in fact in a state of ketosis??


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Technically, as soon as your body relies on fat (dietary or from your own stores) ketones are produced as a result of the different metabolic process which the body uses to create energy from fat. Hence, as soon as your body is burning fat (and not storing it), you are in Ketosis.

"Ketosis" as it's commonly understood in discussions on weight loss and fitness is more of a threshold. If you are relying on fat for a high enough percentage of your energy produced, you are understood as being "in ketosis." This is where the commonly-associated symptoms like bad breath are witnessed. Some of the other symptoms of this state are -- early on -- a sort of brain fog (not something I've experienced on SCD, but I tried a ketogenic diet for fun and definitely had it) as your body eases into energy production largely by fat. Afterwards many report increased concentration and decreased hunger.

You probably can't actually reach this state of "ketosis" by SCD, but as I said: it's more of a definition thing. As long as you're losing weight you can rest assured that ketones are being produced and you are in some form of ketosis. This is why the statements made in 4HB on ketosis are ambiguous.

  • Pierrebuz commented Nov 15th 2012:

    I should add SCD has definitely changed my breath, etc. but I don't think the more extreme symptoms (brain fog, etc.) can be reached with so high a carb/protien intake. Hardcore Keto diets need like 65% of your calories to come from fat and less than 10% (maybe 5%) from carbs. If anyone's bored, I challenge them to try this for a day. It's doable but trying to hit these levels every day is really, really hard, which is one of the biggest reasons SCD is much more doable in the long term.

  • Tony Montagnino commented Nov 16th 2012:

    Pierrebuz, I agree, I don't think SCD will get you there. I was getting the brain fog issue so I went to my Dr. He gave me a blood glucose kit and I found that within an hour of eating my blood glucose was still spiking. I have added cinnamon capsules to my morning and lunch PAGG and i put it in my coffee every day. The spiking has now leveled off and I don't get the brain fog anymore. So that fog factor for me was associated with a high level of insulin sensitivity.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Nov 16th 2012:

    Some research into Keto diets has shown that consuming a can of chicken broth can eliminate the brain fog and headaches. It is believed (although this is fairly new) that the headaches and brain fog are caused by our electrolytes being thrown off from the loss of water do to the lack of carbohydrates in the body to retain them. As for SCD, although during the day you are not in a state of Ketosis, your body should be achieving that state three to four hours after your last meal and through the night as you sleep. Tim stated on his blog that is the reason why SCD burns fat so effectively.

  • Pierrebuz commented Nov 18th 2012:

    Interesting... I'll have to give that a try. And yeah, like I said, as long as you are metabolising fat, you are in ketosis. I just mean that SCD probably doesn't reach the "ketosis" level that keto diets consider "ketosis." Could be wrong though. Every time I wake up I am in a brain fog. Haha.

  • Bluezen1014 commented Nov 19th 2012:

    I was in a state of ketosis fora few weeks and lost the most amount of weight in that period. The frustrating thing about it other than my foul breath was the amount of time I had to go pee. I believe it was at least every 15-20 mins . I legs and arms felt really heavy too, I think I was still getting used to running off of ketones at that point.

  • Pierrebuz commented Nov 22nd 2012:

    Another reason you probably felt weak was depleted glycogen stores, which are the go to sources of energy for our muscles. Trust me, workout performance takes a drop between the start of the weak and the end.

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I get a metal taste in my mouth. It really freaked me out the first time it happened to me. I was planning on going to the doctor to see what was wrong with me. I was afraid that I had a infection in my mouth. Lol.

  • Sephog OG commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Any other signs? I don't recall a metal taste so guessing its not happened to me1

  • Tony Montagnino commented Nov 16th 2012:

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