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Is it okay to fry your SC food? Is fried food allowed?

Hello all,

I was planning to make cauliflower manchurian and since oil, butter, ghee is allowed in any amount i was wondering if i should fry vegetables.

I am not sure if fried food is allowed on SCD but I guess you can fry any food item which is low in carb. Am i right?

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I fry something probably twice a day.

Just try to use "good fats" as your base oil like olive oil or canola oil instead of butter or margarine.

  • John Smith commented Nov 15th 2012:

    I don't know whether I would call plain, unsalted butter is 'bad fat'. It's certainly not ideal (obviously ghee is superior but my problem is that it's far more expensive) but not completely banned as far as I can tell. I use a bit of butter to cook my eggs in the morning and a bit of butter and salt with my greens for taste (and when I say a bit I mean a teaspoon or less) and I don't have any problem with weight loss.

  • Pierrebuz commented Nov 16th 2012:

    Yeah, don't get me wrong: I love butter and use it with my eggs too. But it is probably best to have at least as many grams of good fats as you do of bad ones. By the way, eggs are a good ratio of good fats to bad fats in themselves (and probably tip the scales in good fats favorfor that butter too).

  • Eric I commented Nov 26th 2012:

    tvellalott - you can buy a huge thing of ghee on amazon for 15 bucks:

    You shouldn't be using butter at all - those milk solids have sugar. Sugar is sugar no matter what is in front of the -ose and they should be avoided at all costs.

    Macadamia oil is awesome, also pretty expensive, but you dont' need a lot and sixteen ounce bottle goes a long way.

    Fried foods are fine, but for me, I find too much oil gives me crazy indigestion/Acid Reflux.


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I do stir fry all the time, and yes it's allowed. The only thing i know that you aren't supposed to have is anything breaded and fried.

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Thanks Brenda!

  • Brenda 7 commented Nov 15th 2012:

    I made chicken tikka masala the other night for the first time, i loved all the spices. My grocery store had a package all made up of the spices. I added almond milk or coconut milk i can't remember which one now. But i loved the flavor.

  • Drewfis H commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Yea I cook almost all my meals in a sautee pan with evoo

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Chicken tikka masala hmm.. Being an Indian, I just love food and spices which makes the food smell and taste good.

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 15th 2012:

    sauteeing and stir-frying definitely makes my meals more interesting and tasty

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Thank you all for your reply!

  • Brenda 7 commented Nov 15th 2012:

    I've been looking for "ghee" but can't find any, then i saw an old post on here where someone said he makes his at home, so i googled it so i think i'm going to try it as i've heard it makes the food taste better. It's fun too trying all this new stuff. I've never cooked so much in my life.

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 16th 2012:

    Brenda, Its not that hard to make, just like clarified butter, and it is really delicious. I like this recipe from Alton Brown

  • Tony Montagnino commented Nov 16th 2012:

    Brenda, I buy my Ghee from an Indian grocery store as it is very common in Indian cooking.

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 16th 2012:

    yeah right @Timontag628 . Ghee is an essential part of Indian kitchen. It makes you strong and tastes good also.

  • Nancy Howat commented Nov 16th 2012:

    I've been using ghee for the first time for the past couple of weeks as my local supermarket had some in for Diwali - it certainly improves the flavour of the dahl I've been cooking :) I had been using rapeseed oil previously - which I am still using for a lot of things as I quite like the flavour and it is better at higher temperatures than EVOO. I know Tim suggests Mexican and Thai food but living in a small town in Scotland I find Indian food much easier to source the ingredients for.

  • Eric I commented Nov 26th 2012:

    I don't recommend rapeseed/canola oil as most sources are nearly all GMO now. And if you take it too its smoke point, it becomes carcinogenic Try a high oleic sunflower or safflower oil which has a higher smoke point and is much better for you. Also, you can buy ghee on amazon for a fairly cheap price if you can't find it locally:

  • Nancy Howat commented Nov 26th 2012:

    I think I'm probably fine with the rapeseed oil - I live in the UK so the oil that I buy isn't affected by the GMO issue that seems to plague you over The Pond. The one I have been used is cold pressed and I've never used it anywhere near its smoke point (about 242 C from what I can see). I looked on Amazon UK for ghee, but the suppliers there seemed rather pricier than the US site.

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