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Legumes beans etc

What is the theory behind eating legumes beans etc? I know that's what makes the diet "slow carb" do you really have to eat them?

I've not been eating them the last week and I've lost 3 lbs......went from 127 to 124. Which is great for me. Is the point of legumes and beans really just to help you not fall off the wagon or is there actually something in them that help you burn more calories which causes you to lose more weight.



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I no longer eat the beans on a regular basis. It is pretty common that most people lose the weight faster without them, or at least limiting the amount. The reason why Slow Carb is so effective is because your body is in Ketosis (fat becomes the primary fuel source rather than carbs). The consumption of beans, although containing a significant amount of Carbs does not directly effect this because they are absorbed slowly (high fiber content as well as protein). The amount you consume is used rather quickly by the body in order to return it to a state of Ketosis. So not consuming beans would also keep your body in a steady (actually increased) and longer state of Ketosis so it should burn fat quicker.

Some problems people have had with skipping the beans is a lack of afternoon energy, an increase in snacking, and a general falling off and cheating. If you are skipping the beans it is generally agreed that you should increase the amount of fat you are consuming (as fat is now your primary fuel source and without it you might not have high energy levels). Also make sure you have your once a week or once every 10 days re-feed day or cheat day. This will bring you out of Ketosis for a bit as some believe long term Ketosis might not be the healthiest thing (not proven yet that I have seen.)

  • Lee RideFar commented Nov 15th 2012:

    well said. I doubt Ketosis is healthy in anyway but since it is short term our bodies are more than capable to deal with it. Our bodies put up with alot and short term plans shouldn't matter unless you have health issues.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Nov 16th 2012:

    It used to be the widely held belief that Ketosis was bad, mainly because it was the widely held belief that fat was bad. A lot of the new clinical research is no longer sure about Ketosis being an unhealthy state for the body to be in (although no long term studies have yet to be completed, the short term ones are showing that the threat to the kidneys and liver once thought might not be accurate). Interestingly enough it is also now being used as a treatment for certain types of Cancers, as most cancer tumors require glucose in order to grow.

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The two things beans have done for me is to curb my carb cravings and to keep that no carb fog away. If I know it's going to be a while between ouch and dinner, I can add beans and it will keep me fuller longer. I guess that is actually three things :)

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