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back on it!!!

Hey 4hpeople! So I bought the book a couple of yrs back, never really hit it off with the slow carb diet but as my weight went up and I became heavier than for a long time iv adobted certain parts again and its been working. I have slowly been getting stricter and am loving it. My goal is a six pack which amuses my partner no end but I'll show her!!

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Hell yea I have the same story. When I first tried it, I fudged the lines way too much, and got bored of it (mostly because of peer pressure and my girlfriend eating pizzas and hot pockets like a hog and still being skinny). The only difference this time is that my motivation was different. I say WAS because after getting used to the lifestyle, I find I don't need ANY motivation to keep going, the motivation comes standard (I've lost 55 lbs so far). Good luck, I too am gunning for a 6-pack, and my girlfriend too laughs derisively at my bold goals sometimes, but less so recently as I'm actually starting to see some significant muscular definition :) Hope the same happens for you buddy.

  • Sephog OG commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Good luck to you my friend!

    Iv noticed this time its been much easier as iv not put any pressure on myself and have been making small changes every week, only on week 3 but so far so good!!

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