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What is the biggest problem you face while on SCD?

Being a vegetarian and not dependent on protein shake, It's quite difficult for me to get 30 gms of protein from veggies, eggs and beans. I have to eat a lot to get that much protein.

What is your biggest problem with SCD?

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"Stalls" and trying to figure out what's stopping me from losing although i've got a really good idea right now! coffee flavoring darn, darn, darn.....


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I miss potatoes... Used to eat them 2 times a day. I will slowly work them back in after I lose 15 more lbs :)

  • FloridaMike commented Nov 20th 2012:

    If you have not tried it yet, the faux mashed potatoes are a pretty good substitute. I just use frozen cauliflower, olive oil and canned canelini beans and some spices. It really has helped the cravings for mashed potatoes. I got the recipe on this site. Several people have posted different recipes, if anyone is interested.


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No being able to eat bread and cheese. I'd give my kingdom for a grilled cheese sandwich some nights.

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 21st 2012:

    ugh yes...bread. My mom is a baker, and dad has always been a firm believer in having fresh bread in the house every day so I grew up with that tradition of always having bread. I look forward to my cheat days so I can have a cafe con leche and either bread with butter or bread with cheese for breakfast. Ultimate joy for me


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To give up from dairy products... I love Turkish cheese, yogurt, quark and cream. Second thing is to give up from (at least for a while) coconut oil, milk and cream... and I've had to change my cooking style all together. Cooking is a very dear hobby of mine. :)

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