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Breakfast is breaking my spirit! Help

Hi friends, I'm on my second week of slow carving, this is my second giving this life style a try, last time I dropped the whole thing because I just couldn't do breakfast within 30 min (it would make me gag) Of waking, and I don't even think I'm getting the 30grams recommended...I just don't know what to do, I need to stick with it, but I don't know how to make this more pleasant. Any easy breakfast ideas that will give me the 30grams of protein? I'm desperate for suggestions.

Thank you, you all are so great!


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I had this problem in the begining too and it killed me because I couldn't eat the rest of the day so I would find myself breaking the SCD late at night and I gained more weight. I solved it by making a fritata. I Take 1 and a half cups of black beans and mash it up on the bottom of a medium sized squared pan. Make sure you butter it a little first. Then I add my 13 eggs 2 cups of cooked crumbled sausage that i cook and crumble myself. 1 and a hlaf cups of cooked spinach and I bake it at 350 for about 20 - 25 minutes.

When it is done I cut it into 4 peices and I reheat it in the am. I make it the night of my cheat day so im ready to start SCD the next morning. I also make a huge bag of spinach. Enough to last me two days and I individualize my meats and fish so that they are portioned on a per meal basis. Even my breakfast protein is individualized. This saves me a lot of time in the kitchen so I dont feel like I am cooking constantly.

For breakfast I either have 3 eggs scrambled 3 pieces of sausage or canadian bacon 1/2 cup of spinach and 1/2 cup of beans

Or I have my fritata that I made (which is a lot easier to eat.)

Lunch I have shrimp a half a plate of spinach and 1/4 cup of black beans or I have tunafish spinach and beans

Dinner I either have 1 to 2 pieces of the following steak, chicken, fish or a ground veal patty with a half plate of spinach and a salad.

AT first it seems like a lot of food but you do get use to it and I drink at least 3 liters of water a day.

  • MaryC commented Nov 14th 2012:

    Thank you care.jackson! one more helpful tip.

  • Bluezen1014 commented Nov 19th 2012:

    I totally hear you. Breakfast is tough. Usually the night before so I don't have to make breakfast in the morning because I'm way too tired, I make up a huge batch of eggs supreme as I call it.

    I saute onions, garlic, peppers in coconut oil, put in some steamed kale and other herbs and spices, add turkey sausage and voila, I can nuke em in the microwave the next morning with some black beans. It's still doesn't feel so natural for me to eat that early but I gotta fake it till I make it :)

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What about making a frittata, eggmuffins, an omelette? You can cook it and reheat a piece every morning.

Try this recipe by arctichacker, or something similar to it, it's really good.


Also spices make a big difference in making something tasty.

There are lots of ways to make eggs delicious, you don't need to eat them hard boiled!

  • MaryC commented Nov 14th 2012:

    cmartinez, thank you so much! I love this forum, everyone is so thoughtful and supportive...with the egg muffins do you get the 30 grams of protein? see my major issue is eating all this food! I can't eat that much, I'm just not hungry, I get full very fast too! (one of the things I love about this diet), I don't have cravings, I'm working out, I'm not desperately looking forward to cheat days like I was the first time I tried this diet...I will try the muffins! I'm an ok cook, I think if I put more thought into this and apply myself I can probably come up with better ways to get those 30 grams of protein in me.


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This is my favourite routine.

Big glass of cooold water

4 slices of thick sliced bacon (watch the ingredients to make sure there is no sugar). 20 Grams

2 Organic Eggs. 10 Grams

Healthy scoop of refried beans on the side.

Add a handful of spinach that I put under the eggs.

Takes about 20 minutes, 10 to eat. I soak the pans for the day and wash them when I get home from work.

Another one that can be warmed up quickly though I do not know the exact grams but I am sure it is 30 or more.

Cook 2 Pounds of ground beef (or turkey) with sugar free taco spice (I use Taco Time).

Add crushed cauliflower.

Add lots of eggs (5 or 6)

Throw it in the fridge. It will last for 3 days worth of quick breakfasts. I also add refried beans and salsa to my plate, sometimes spinach.

Hope that helps.

  • MaryC commented Nov 14th 2012:

    Thank you john.mcinnes.718.


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Not sure what you are eating-I had a similar issue- I love eggs but couldn't manage to eat enough in the morning and found that adding some sort of meat and/or veg makes eggs a lot more palatable- I couldn't eat 3 scrambled eggs but having three scrambled with some spinach and chicken sausage was a breeze! now I can eat a 4 egg(jumbo) omelette with spinach and sausage with no problems (typically I get closer to 40-50 grams protein for breakfast)

If you find you just can't do it- try ramping up, how about this?

Start with a protein shake for breakfast, then after a few days or a week dial back the protein and add an egg, then dial back the protien even more after a few more days and add another egg, etc, etc until you wean yourself off of the protein shakes and are getting all your protein from a whole food source.

Or start out with as many eggs as you can comfortably eat and then as soon as you don't feel sick, eat some more, and repeat the process until you reach 30 grams.

Or make a big omelette, or whatever you want (containing 30 grams protein) eat as much as you can and take the rest with you in a Tupperware and keep eating it when you don't feel sick.

Or is it just a timing thing? can you eat breakfast free of issues after an hour? if so work with that and just shave off a few minutes every day or week until you solve the issue!

  • MaryC commented Nov 14th 2012:

    Thank you wombat! how many eggs do you need to eat to reach the 30 grams of protein? Thank you...No timing is not the issue for me, is more of making myself eat all that food in the window I have! I want to do everything by the book, I want to stick with this past the 5 week mark. I like eggs, but not this much, it's getting hard to eat them, I find that on this diet (way of eating) I'm not as hungry and I get full very easily! I will stick with it and play around to find a way to be happy with Slow Carbing, this is something I want to do for the rest of my life!

  • wombat commented Nov 14th 2012:

    Not knowing what size eggs you are using it would be anywhere from 4 Jumbo eggs (8*4=32Grams) to 6.5 small eggs (6.5*4.63=30.095Ggrams)

    This assumes you are just eating eggs for breakfast so if you add some beans, or meat you can decrease the eggs.

    Based on your responses I'd say add some variety to your eggs- it makes them much more palatable, and don't worry if you can't finish the whole 30 grams within 30 minutes- I think the idea is that you start eating within 30 minutes so just get it done as soon as you can and then each day it will be easier to eat a little more, a little sooner.


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I eat 2 eggs with two heaped teaspoons of cottage cheese, a 1/3 of a cup of beans and two or three blocks of defrosted spinach scrambled in a little bit of butter every morning, seasoned with some salt and pepper. It takes like 10 minutes to make and tastes pretty good and gets me my 30g of protein. Prior to going on the diet, I would rarely eat breakfast, preferring to have a cup of coffee (milk and sugar) when I got to work. It takes time to adjust to eating in the morning but you can do it! Maybe focus more on eating the meal then work on the 30 minutes afterwards.

I don't know anything about protein shakes. They're outside my budget.


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it does get easier, I promise! I hated trying to eat some much for breakfast when I started too. My morning routine takes less than 15 minutes to prep.

start with a 9" frying pan, a tiny bit of olive oil and fill it with spinach. I like using some different spice mixes and my current favorite is Sunny Paris by Penzey's. I generally let the spinach wilt while getting dressed. After the spinach has cooked down, move it onto your plate / container. Whisk 3 eggs in a bowl with whatever spices you enjoy, then add a lil butter to the frying pan and cook the eggs over medium heat. I cheat with the bacon and use Trader Joe's pre-cooked - nuke 2 slices for 35 seconds and viola you have a delicious breakfast! I've really cut down on the beans and lentils - so rarely have them for breakfasts.


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My girlfriend still has this problem, even after several months of being on the diet. Sometimes she eats the egg muffins I prepare ahead of time (you can view them here: http://ericisaac.com/food/egg-muffins-and-lifestyle-changes/), but usually she just prefers to mix whey protein into her coffee in the morning.

I recommend Tera's Whey - it's organic and made with stevia so no sugar.

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