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Gained 2 Pounds on my first cheat day

I gained 2 pounds on my first cheat day. Should i be happy that i did not gain as much weight as some of the other people do here or do you think 2 pounds is normal on a cheat day?

I had

1) 2 veg puffs (Very small sized),

2) 1/2 pastry

3) steam rice and

4) veg manchurian and for the dinner i had

5) steam rice and

6) veg korma.

7) 1 can of lite beer

I am on fast today, as i am considering ADF + 4HB. I hope to loose these 2 pounds in a couple of days.

PS: i had lots of water + cinnamon on my cheat day and i started my day with 2 eggs + 5 almonds

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Sounds like you are not cheating enough. You should be eating LOTS of food you love so you are not as tempted to cheat during the week. Tim says 5-8 pounds after cheat day is not uncommon. I usually gain 5 or so and by next cheat day am down an average of two more pounds. I am not losing as quickly as I would like but this may have to do with some meds I take or increased muscle mass as I have ramped up exercise. I don't measure body fat as Tim recommends so hard to say. . Either way, I'll take a diet where you get to pig out once a week and still lose weight.

You also should not fast. If you are EVER hungry on this diet you are not doing something right.


  • rioclandestine commented Nov 14th 2012:

    Thank Oliver, But i don't want to spend my following week, loosing those pounds which i have gained due to cheat day. Instead i want to go ahead and add some more numbers to my lost weight counter.

    If i gain 5 pounds, I will loose them in next 2 weeks (according to my current weight loss). I know cheat day is important. but i eat just to keep my metabolism ball rolling.

    Thanks again :)

  • blueman commented Nov 14th 2012:

    It will not take you 2 weeks to lose the 5 lbs. of water weight and waste material you put into your body on cheat day. It is important to remember that the weight you gain after cheat day IS NOT fat that you then have to burn off. I have been doing this a while now and have never not lost all cheat day weight gained within 3-4 days.

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 14th 2012:

    Agree with @Blueman... @rioclandestine - That 4 lbs will come off within a few days. I gained 7.8 lbs from my last cheat day, but then again I am at my goal weight and I've noticed the closer you are to your goal weight the more pounds you tend to least for me. As Blueman said, it's mostly water retention and waste material. Don't sweat it. Plus I've seen that even though you may gain a small amount or a big amount after cheat still will take about the same amount of time to lose it(midweek(wed/thu) then you lose a few more NEW pounds by next Cheat Day. It ALSO seems the "bigger" the cheat day(i.e. the more increase in calories/carbs) actually could mean a BIGGER loss the following week. Just saying. :) Good LUck!

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Thank you @akane..@blueman - My question is - Why do we consider cheat day's weight as water and waste? aren't they supposed to add more FAT to your body?

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 15th 2012:

    @rioclandestine - Because fat could not be lost that quickly. Carbs, especially sugar, makes the body retain water like no one's business...which is why it is lost so quickly. ALSO, the GLUT-4 exercises are supposed to get those carbs that would otherwise go to make more fat into the muscles. It's in the book.

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Oh and eating fat doesn't always beget fat on your body. SOME fats are GOOD fats. :) Some are bad. :) It depends on what you choose to consume that determines your body fat increasing. :)

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Thanks Akane. That was really helpful

  • Bing Oliver commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Hi again. If you use the strategy you are outlining you are not following the SCD. It will probably work but either not as we'll as SCD or you will be hungry a lot. Some people are good at healing with hunger -not me. Best wishes.

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 15th 2012:

    Thanks Oliver. I can stay hungry for a day. I tried it yesterday and it worked. I lost half of my weight in 1 day, which i gained due to cheat day. Thanks again for your concern!

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