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Does this recipe follow 4HB? No cheating.

I see lots of recipes out there that I think follow the 4 Hour Body plan, but I don't want to make a mistake that prevents me from losing weight. Would love some advice on these items! Remember, I'm not cheating AT ALL. I would rather search for perfect recipes than goof off on this plan. Thanks!!!

I need to know if each of these ingredients follow a strict 4HB diet. Thank you!

    Balsamic Vinegar (Such a great dressing/marinate, but it tastes sweet)

    Garlic (I enjoy lots of cloves)

    Soy sauce

    Rice Vinegar

    Oyster Sauce

    Sesame oil

    Fresh Ginger

    Turkey Bacon (Brand recommended???)


    Bratwursts or sausage (Specific brand I should try??)

    Cannellini Beans

    Low sodium chicken broth

    Red-wine vinegar


    Marinated Artichokes

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i know tim suggests making a dressing from balsamic vinegar, but i wouldnt go over 2 tablespoons


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oyster sauce has tonnes of sugar in it. so no.


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Balsamic Vinegar (Such a great dressing/marinate, but it tastes sweet) - YES - It's good, but don't use too much

Garlic (I enjoy lots of cloves) YES

Soy sauce NO(processed soy)

Rice Vinegar NO(rice=carb)

Oyster Sauce NO

Sesame oil YES

Fresh Ginger YES

Turkey Bacon (Brand recommended???) YES(just watch for the sugar content and don't eat too much)

Leeks NOT SURE(Is this a root?)

Bratwursts or sausage (Specific brand I should try??) NO(most sausages have sugar added in the curing processed....)

Cannellini Beans YES

Low sodium chicken broth YES(if it doesn't have added evaporated cane juice in it...organic ones MAY not, but check ingredient labels)

Red-wine vinegar YES

Butter YES (but watch it cause there is a lot of fat)

Marinated Artichokes NOT SURE

Hope this helps :)

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