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is this compatible with scd AND occ.'s protocol?

hey gang—

trying to do some groundwork prepping for this.

my biggest interests:

a) i've been doing the slow carb diet really consistently for four months, but not see the fat loss where i want (tummy, sides).

b) i've been doing occ.'s protocol now for 6 weeks, and really seeing great gains (i'm not fitting into my clothes in all the right ways.

so, that said,

a) i want to do the sprint to augment scd (even though i want to get to the bottom of it, at this point, i want to see the gains to badly, i'll go about it another way, and then hopefully maintain with scd post update).

b) i don't want to undo the gains from occ.'s protocol. in reading the pre-lim stuff, i see that this is designed not to. so my (b) question is this: will i still be doing occ.'s protocol alongside sprint (happy to) or will this be on pause (where i don't progress, but i don't regress, either)?

thanks a bunch,


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