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Recent success, lessons learned

So I restarted the SCD after a hiatus of a few months. I first started the SCD a year and half ago with so-so results. Strangely though, I've had great success in the last 8 weeks, having lost 5 total inches and 8 pounds of fat, with some very small changes. Here's what I've learned...

[*] If you're going to exercise, DO IT BEFORE YOU EAT YOUR FIRST MEAL OF THE DAY. I get my 30g of protein via whey powder then eat breakfast a few hours later. If you're working out, do it in those few hours.

[*] Water water water. Keep drinking it. All day every day. Sometimes when you think you're hungry, you're thirsty.

[*] Cinnamon - I've started experimenting and I don't know if it's making a difference but I know that my measurements are moving. I get it in 1 to 2 does a day. I take a tsp and mix it with warm water and just down the whole thing at once. It's less than pleasant but it's quick and effective.

[*] Stay away from sausages, even if they're 'healthy.' I was eating a lot of low fat, organic sausage from Trader Joe's, and in hindsight, that was derailing me. Sausages are salty by nature and all that salt will cause you to retain water.

[*]Eat the [*] beans!! I don't eat beans with every single meal, but I have caught myself eating too much food or tempted to eat 'healthy' foods that are not on the SCD. This is when beans are vital! They will satisfy your hunger and your desire for starchy foods. Eat the beans.

[*]As many nights as you can, try no to eat past 6pm. Drink some water and call it a night. Late night eating, even SCD foods, will stall you.

[*] Dried edamame make for a good snack. I eat a handful every now and then, and somtimes as my bean serving, but much like nuts, they can really slow your weight loss if you eat too much of them.

So that's what I have to add at this point in my journey. I still can't believe it's working but I'm taking all the way. If I have any further revelations, I will let you all know. Cheers!

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Heh I agree on the snausages, I eat them very sparingly. How many beans per day do you eat, if you don't mind me asking? I've been kind of curious to see for each person on here, it seems to vary a lot from person to person.


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I've seen cinnamon in capsule form. Is that a good idea? I have added cinnamon to cottage cheese - its especially great if I need a small second lunch before dinner. And if I happen to be hungry before bed, not that often, I will have a tablespoon of almond butter and sprinkle on cinnamon, I don't really like it otherwise.

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