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Adding Flaxseed

Hey all!

I was just wondering if anyone out there adds flaxseed to omlettes or salads for additional protein and fiber. Is flax even allowed? If so, what have your guys' experiences been?

Any thoughts? Thanks!!



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Hi @deborah.baldauf.18

Yes, I add 1 tbl of ground flaxseed to my salads everyday. I also take flaxseed oil capsules. It's all good! :) And it helps with the "flow" if you know what I mean. ;)

  • Drewfis H commented Nov 13th 2012:

    Where do you get it? What brand is the least expensive?

  • Brenda 7 commented Nov 14th 2012:

    I bought some a couple of weeks ago at Trader Joe's, it's really good and yummy on peanut butter!! Mine just says "Trader Joe's Flax Seed - Whole Seeds, 15 ounces.

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 14th 2012:

    @Drewfis - I got mine from Trader Joe's as well. I got the Golden Flaxseed vacuum-sealed package near the oatmeal and cereals. I think it is about 2.69 and it will last you for a while depending on what you use it on. :) I just got a Japanese mortar and pestle and grind it up as fine as I can and put it on my salads for more fiber.

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Flax is great but if you are eating the seeds whole you will get the fiber benefit but you will be missing out on the Omegas as your body can't break down the whole seed.

I get a big bag of organic ground flax at Costco- cheapest I've found.

  • Lee RideFar commented Nov 14th 2012:

    ground flax seeds will not last as long as whole flax seeds. Buy a cheap $20 spin blade grinder and grind them as you need them.

  • wombat commented Nov 14th 2012:

    I get cold milled which is good for 18 months, but I usually use it within 3-6

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 15th 2012:

    I freshly grind my whole flaxseed for the Omegas :)

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