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Things are happening backward now?

So I've had a slow 2 weeks up until yesterday, shifting between 227 and 230. Then my uncle passed away this weekend and I went crazier than normal on my cheat day. Drank probably 3 pitchers of beer, a plate of chicken fingers and carrots, 3 quarters of a buffalo chicken pizza, and then drank some more (a lot of people were buying me drinks). Passed out at like 9, woke up at 6 with a horrible hangover. Figuring I probably gained 5 lbs like I usually do I checked my weight: 225 lbs? This is the reverse of what normally happens (losing small amounts till cheat day, gaining then losing again). Is this a sign that I should try to shovel down more food during the week? Also, does anyone know any good slow carb friendly hangover remedies? I haven't had this much to drink in a long time...


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Sorry about your loss!

That's gotta feel good to lose weight instead of gaining...I wish that would happen to me!

Fatty and spicy foods are good for hangover!

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