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Is it okay to have 2-2 eggs for Breakfast and Dinner

Hello All, I wanted to ask you if it is okay to have 2 eggs (Omelette or Boiled) in the morning (+5 almonds) for breakfast and 2 boiled eggs at night as my dinner ( I found some posts where people are saying that its good to have eggs at night time as it helps them loose weight quickly).

I am a vegetarian and eggs are the only source of protein for me in the morning (I can not eat soybeans/legumes/beans in the morning to consume 30gm of protein).

I am planning to have

Breakfast = 2eggs + 5 almonds

Lunch = Legumes

Evening = Beans

Dinner = 2 boiled eggs

Does this sound ok?

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Talk to your Doctor perhaps, you will get a lot of back and forth on this from people. My Doctor said for me there are no issues with eating whole eggs as long as they are not always fried in butter which you wouldn't do anyway. I usually do 2 whole and 2 whites for breakfast.

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 13th 2012:

    Thanks Gladue. Are you Steve Gladue? I was using LIFT app few days back and someone commented on my status. his name is Steve Gladue. I am wondering if your are the one.


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Have you looked at your calorie count? WAY TOO low in my opinion. How much over weight are you? Now you're talking about fasting every other day. How can you function on such a low intake? What did you eat before you started this venture?

Sorry for all of the questions, but I'm concerned.

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 14th 2012:

    Hey Sheehan, I am 28, F, Vegetarian, 5.2", 147 pounds. Desired weight is 121 pounds. I eat after every 3-4 hours of interval. To start from I have 2 eggs + 5 almonds in the morning and then lots of legumes (1.5 bowl), beans (no chickpeas, 1 bowl ) and at the end of the day 2 eggs + some veggies and legumes. I drink around 2-3 liters of water. no milk, no diet coke, no artificial sweetener. I want to loose all that weight before my birthday (24th December) I think ADF + SCD will help me to achieve my goal! What do you think?


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It should be fine- Organic or Omega 3 eggs are your best choice. 2 eggs for breakfast is nowhere near 30 grams of protein, even if you are eating jumbo eggs you are looking at 16 grams (8 grams per egg)

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 13th 2012:

    Thanks Wombat. I usually eat 2 eggs + 5 almonds in the morning (I eat more protein in next two meals). I read in one of the posts that if you eat eggs at night as your dinner you loose more weight. I am trying this method + i am going to try ADF (Alternate Day Fasting) from tomorrow.. Thanks Again!!

  • wombat commented Nov 14th 2012:

    you still aren't getting enough protein for breakfast, and I'd venture that your bean consumption will slow down any weight loss you might see. yes the eggs at night might be beneficial but they don't make up for the lack of protein in the morning. I'd suggest sticking with one thing for at least a few weeks (unless you are gaining) as if you are constantly changing what you are doing you'll never know what works and may get disheartened.

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