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I don't eat enough protein except breakfast in a day. Is it okay on SCD?

Is it okay if i don't get my 30gm of protein (except breakfast) in every meal i have? I don't feel like eating much. I am a vegetarian so if i have to consume 30 or 20gm of protein i have to eat lots of legumes/beans/soybean which i don't want to.

is it okay to start your day with 30gm of protein and then eat when you are hungry and according to my appetite.

Am i doing something wrong or the SCD does not work that way?

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If you are a vegetarian where are your veggies in your diet? I just read your previous post and you didn't mention any veggies at all. 30 grams of protein for breakfast is good, and 20 grams for lunch and 20 for dinner. If you have the book it explains all of this. If you don't eat enough protein thru out the day, then you won't burn the fat. There are others on here that are also vegetarians hopefully they'll post and let you know how they've handled it.

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 11th 2012:

    Thanks Brenda. That was quite helpful. I eat cabbage, capsicum, Ladyfinger, Beans, Bringle etc. I eat lots of legumes, Kidney beans, Black chickpeas and soybean.

    I also usually have 4 tablets of sugarfree (Aspartame), 1 can of diet coke and some drops of milk in my tea (twice a day) daily and from tomorrow i am giving up above items. Giving up on all these will help me to loose more weight i guess!

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