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Demi glacé as gravy!

Hi! I'm new. I have been working on meal plans for the coming weeks, and I realized- there is a super easy way to make gravy for a cauliflower mash- Demi glacé! Simply reduce however much veal stock in half, and then, voila! 4HB-savvy gravy. I am a culinary school graduate and would love to share and swap tips and tricks for flavor hacks! I have also been posting some appropriate recipes on my Pinterest (keep in mind I would, of course, omit banned foods from recipes or swap for an appropriate one)...here is the board. It's a little scarce now, but it will get bigger. Looking forward to y'all's support!

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thanks for the tip! already kinda do this with some of my meats, even though I basically eat the same things every day with this diet I like to change little things to keep them different, like different seasonings, sauces, or types of hot peppers that go with my meal. Just a little goes a long way in making each meal seem different and it keeps it fun to stick around with it.

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