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Raw Stevia

I just re-read the second chapter and his paragraph on artificial sweeteners. My question is is pure, raw stevia allowed. Stevia has nearly no effects on insulin production and has a low glycemic index. There is a Stevia sweetener called Sweetleaf that is raw stevia bound to vegetable fiber, there is nothing else no erythritol which is a sugar alcohol and found in Truvia. Does anyone have experience with raw stevia?


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I say experiment, but it is a sweetener no matter what and Tim does mention that pretty much any sweetener, even without calories can have an adverse effect. I think test it out to see if it affects your weight loss, if it does cut it off. Remember that part of the plan is to experiment since every body is slightly different, like for example some people here are fine with eating a little dairy per week but I've noticed it completely stalls me the weeks that I do consume it, even in tiny amounts.


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check out this thread


and here is a link showing that stevia has a Glycemic index of 0


So go for it- if you aren't losing as much as you'd like cut it out for a week or two, and if nothing changes then it's probably not the Stevia.


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I've been using stevia the entire time I've been on the plan and had excellent success. While sugar on cheat days make me high, I've noticed no ill effects from stevia. Granted, I'm only having stevia in my morning coffee vs. trying to recreate some weird SCD compliant sweets using stevia. I have no tried the sweet leaf brand, but have discovered some types of stevia I really like and others are bitter with a weird aftertaste. These days I'm using the liquid vs. powdered ones.

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