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SO as of today I am at 228 lbs, at 19.4% body fat (6 ft 0.75 in). I therefore have a lean mass of around 184 lbs. This seems like plenty for now, but I still want the benefit of increased fat loss with more muscle. Should I just focus on cardio at the gym and just lift like once a week to maintain my muscle? Or should I continue to build muscle to accelerate fat loss? I don't want to look huge like a body builder, but I'd like to make it down to around 10% BF and have abs. I'm also pretty sure I am still eating insufficient protein for any considerable strength gains and I get far too full to eat as much as I need.


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Try circuit training style programs with minimal rest. This way your getting both weight lifting and cardio at the same time to burn more fat and you won't bulk up.

Circuit training also increase your EPOC level which means your burning more fat after your workout.

  • Drewfis H commented Nov 10th 2012:

    Thanks for the suggestion I'll try it. What % of my 1 set to failure weight should I use if I'm doing nautilus at the gym? Also, will I still mostly have the 1c beans a day I eat (in addition to meat/eggs) go toward building muscle? Still trying to fully understand the interaction the food I eat has on the amount of exercise I put forth.

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