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Does alternate day fasting + 4hb combo works?

Hello everyone. I am 29, F, 5.2', Veg, Indian. First day on SCD.

Current weight: 147 lbs

Desired weight is 121 lbs.

1) I want to know if alternate day fasting + 4hb combination works.

2) Tim says that you should eat 20gm of protein per meal. I am a vegetarian and to eat 20gm of protein, i have to eat lots of legumes, soybean, beans etc. which i find it very difficult. Do you have any solution of this problem?

PS: I eat 2 eggs omelette + 5 almonds in the morning so BF is not a problem for me

I don't know which protein shake i should use (as most of them contains sugar and carbs)


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Hi, I'm not sure if IF works with this, I would like to give it a try, being this my first week almost completed, I will do IF next week and see how that goes. Have you read or looked into Eat Stop Eat? that is also a great program, I'm wondering if it compliments 4HB life style. I plan to do two 24 hour fasts next week, Sunday night I will eat my dinner by 5pm and then not eat until 5pm on Monday, that would be 24 hour without food, and do the same on Thursday.

I hope this helps some.

  • rioclandestine commented Nov 9th 2012:

    I will give it a try. Thank you MaryC

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Do a couple of searches for IF here, about a month ago we had a couple of posts of people having success combining IF with SCD with great success. If I remember the posts correctly they even cited Tim giving his OK to them being complimentary of each other. I'm actually thinking of starting it since I'm getting closer and closer to my goals

  • MaryC commented Nov 9th 2012:

    The one thing I love about IF, is not eating breakfast! lol, I thought about doing Lean Gains, but I think Eat Stop Eat will compliment the 4HB program much better for me...we shall see.


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I never did alternate day fasting, but I did some intermittent fasting...

I would usually weigh myself on friday, do the fasting on saturday and then have my cheat day on sunday.

If I didnt do this, on monday I would weight the same as friday PLUS 2 Kgs.... with this, i weighed 1 kg less than on friday.

  • MaryC commented Nov 9th 2012:

    Maybe that is what I will do! I will do Wednesdays and Fridays, which will work great for me since those days I'm at work by 5 am.

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