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I currently weight 127 lbs and am 5'3 I would like to lose about 10lbs. Has anyone had a similar goal of only about 10lbs. How fast did it come off.


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It took me roughly 3 months of slow carbing to get down at least 10lbs, BUT to be fair, I've been doing slow carbing for over a year now, so my body may go faster in losing than yours may.

So, just do the slow carb lifestyle.....and be patient. You are already pretty much IN your ideal weight range, it won't come off in a month. I'd give it 3-4 months to be realistic...this is if you do not stray and cheat midweek.

Good Luck!

  • Francisco Bento commented Nov 9th 2012:

    Akane, I actually thought that it's a lot easier to loose weight when you just start the diet. I guess that once you've been SCDing for a while, your body kinda gets used to it and then you stall... am I wrong?

  • MaryC commented Nov 9th 2012:

    Akane, I was wondering what fcobento said, it took you 3 months to lose 10 lbs., and even after doing this for over a year, you have not stalled? you might just be the exception to the rule here, that is great for you and I hope I am able to achieve my goal and maintain this way of eating for the rest of my life.

  • Mary Ellen Maloney commented Nov 9th 2012:

    I agree Akane that it's all about patience and staying the course! Mary C, I relate to you on the weighing...I am the same way! It ruins my day when I see the numbers! haha

    I weighed around 110 about 5 years ago and then gained about 15 lbs after I got married....then I got pregnant and gained another 40lbs! I got down to 123 with weight watchers online but tend to fluctuate from 123 to 130. I maintained 125ish all of last year but with Halloween candy everywhere and kids bday parties it's creeping back up! That's why I want to try this diet because it's very regimented, plus nothing seems to get me down to the weight I want to be! Anyway, this is basically the last 10lbs....which is the hardest.

    Have any of you tried the ice water and cold showers etc? Results?

  • Mary Ellen Maloney commented Nov 9th 2012:

    I also wonder if it will be harder for me to lose since I already pretty much eat low carb. However, I am not consistent so I am sure if I really really stick to the diet I will so more results. I have a bad habit of a bite here and there of my childs food or stealing a french fry here and there from my husband. I know with this diet you CAN"T do that!

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 10th 2012:

    @fcobento & @MaryC - Well, it took me 3 months to lose 10 lbs cause 1. I am female, 2. I am a female over 40(I'm 43) and 3. I was very close to my "ideal weight range". When you are in that "ideal weight range and "only have to lose 10-15 lbs". It is going to take longer than say someone who needs to lose 50, 60, or 130 lbs. I suspect I am the "exception", but I think the longer your body is used to this lifestyle the more "efficient" it gets at burning fat...so a few tweaks with meals or exercise usually kicks it quickly. I am STILL losing weight and I am not doing any MORE or LESS than I did before I reached my goal. My body is now.....Slow Carb PRIMED! ;)

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 10th 2012:

    Oh, btw, I NEVER let myself stall more than a week. :) I totally analyzed my meals and exercise...next week..I lost. ;) I WILLED my weight off, yeah!! :D Plus, I never cheated midweek...only on cheat days. :) If you do it 100% right...you can lose it that easily too. If you cheat midweek or "allow yourself some cheese or half and half or a 'handful of nuts'" don't expect the results to be as great. :) Yer not gonna lose Biggest Loser amounts of weight, but it WILL be steady losses IF You stick to it. :) Just stick to it....:)

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 10th 2012:

    @mary.campbellmaloney - This journey is more than just physical, it is mental. You have to get rid of/be aware and then get rid of, the bad habits (bite of your child's food/candy/fry/etc.) you have to really really realize it and get away from it. I do the ice water thing, I USED to do cold showers, but I don't anymore. :) I think with as little body fat that I have on my body now....I'd turn into a popsicle. :)

  • Mary Ellen Maloney commented Nov 10th 2012:

    Thanks! All very helpful!

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I am the same weight and height and I lost 12 pounds my first two , weeks . I workout 30 minutes everyday so I tried the plateau buster diet to shock my system from eating the same exact things and kick start the burning again . I am not losing as fast but about 3 pounds a week now probably need to increase my exercise as well.


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Try the Last Mile section of the book. You should see results rather quickly if your body is used to eating Carbs.

  • Mary Ellen Maloney commented Nov 9th 2012:

    I usually eat low carb but am not super consistent. I just read the chapter you are talking about. Basically alot less carbs and no lentils etc right? and only a cheat meal every 7 to 10 days......

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Nov 9th 2012:

    Essentially it is low carb yes, but you must eat consistently, and I wouldn't call it a cheat meal but a re-feed meal where you re-introduce some carbs in a carb loading meal. For that meal I wouldn't combine carbs and high fats. I would stick to something like a plate of pasta etc. Also I have come to learn that although exercise might not be the best when trying to lose weight, it is fantastic for maintaining weight. So once you get to where you are, add in some form of exercise everyday (yes everyday) and you will keep the weight off and won't have to be as strict as you were before eating wise. (Still be strict most days though).

  • Nicole Pape commented Nov 10th 2012:

    Hey mary.cambellmaloney, low carb is not slow carb! You should eat carbs, but not the fast moving ones (e. g. pasta, potatoes, any kind of sugar, fruits, etc.) Slow carbs are carbs (e. g. beans, lentils), that your body can absorb over a longer period of time, it doesn´t effect your insuline level, so your body won´t hold on to the fat you eat with your meals. It will also stopp any kind of cravings. You are always satisfied and don´t get the munchies. ;) For me, that is the best bit. I used to be obsessed by food. By what I might eat next. Because I always felt hungry. I guess low carb won´t make you that satisfied... And then it won´t work, because you can´t stick to something, where you often feel hungry.


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Hi, I'm new also, just started this week! I'm a 40 year old female, I'm 5.1" I think I weight around 147 lbs. I would like to lose 20 lbs. I didn't want to weigh myself because that usually makes me feel sad and messes with my emotions, I plan to take my measurement weekly plus my clothe will give me an idea if I'm shrinking or not, I do plan to weight myself 1 time per month and take pictures.

I'm on my 4th day after dropping the diet this past summer because of my issues with breakfast, I did really well the 1st time around, if I would have stuck with it a little bit longer I would have hit my goal so long ago! I lost about 10 lbs. in 2 months on this diet.

I have read that it will probably take a little longer for women to start seeing results, I guess we just have to be patient. This forum is really good and the people here are very helpful. Maybe we should keep each other posted see how we do as newbies.

Good Luck and I hope you stick with it! I'm determined to stick with this for life.

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