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Does any one out there hit their goal yet?

I have been searching for inspiring post of those Slow Carbers who have reached their goals, I have not found any!

My 3rd day here, I just need some motivation and inspiration to stick with this long term.


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Mary C, welcome to forum! Funny things about goals, they keep changing, and its the only real way to progress. When I started I had a few basic goals

A) Lose the weight gained this year (30lbs)

B) Drop a pant size

C) Fit into one of my favorite shirts

D) Run a 5K

E) Drop to a healthy body fat % (less than 25%)

I've hit all of those goals except for E but I'm sooooo close, and seriously as the progress continued my goals have shifted and moved. when it comes to weight loss I've shifted my goal over and over again because the weight keeps on dropping. I'm close to my 6 month mark and so far I've lost about 70lbs! I'm also borderline on the body fat % and close to dropping my third pant size. Stick with this, it has changed my life, it will change yours. I have never found anything which has kept me as motivated and happy as this plan does

Best of luck!

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I've hit my "goal"... but what is a goal really anyway? I've realized even after losing 40lbs i still have to maintain that. The real joy I've got from slow-carbing is the habit's I've build up. I now eat very clean, work out, meditate daily, etc. It seems like stopping with crappy carbs and cutting back snow-balled me into a health mindset i've never had. Once you start this snowball you can not even understand how people eat certain foods.

I have this new body and it's amazing, but you'll find that it's WAY more healthy to look at this for long term than day to day. For example, I don't beat my self up when I cheat, I just know i need to hit the gym harder. One of my favorite books on dieting is the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. Highly recommended.

One of the things he says that really resonates with me is the fact that if you do this correctly 80-90% of the time, you shouldn't beat yourself up for the other 10% of cheating.

Good luck on your journey :)


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Hi Mary, congratulations on starting the SCD way of eating. It's not like a diet to me any more!

I did a post the other day as i reached my first goal of 30 pounds lost in less than 3 months on 11/3/2012, but for some reason it's not showing up on here yet! This forum helped me a lot and there's so many inspiring posts made by a lot of people; Akane is one of the big weight loss losers on here, she went from 247 to 111, I think she's at now, Juan has lost over 50 pounds i think, and several others I can't think of their names.

If you have any questions you can search at the top of the forum in the search bar or just post a question on here. Everyone is really helpful. Today is my 13th cheat day and my birthday! whoo hoo.


  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 7th 2012:

    Brenda! congrats! On both reaching your goal and on your birthday! I didnt see your post but huge congrats on reaching that goal. I agree Akane is such an inspiration, and so are you, we have a great community here. MaryC, Hang in there, I've had tons of success!

  • Brenda 7 commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Thanks Juan, i don't know why my post isn't showing up, kind of bummed me out because i was so excited that i reached my 1st goal!! I've had a dilly of a cheat day today, most stuff i've ever ate on any of my cheat days, going to be a pain checking the scales tomorrow but .... it's got to be done. Wow on your loss of 70 pounds that is soooooo awesome.


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I have dropped approximately 17% body fat in 3 months, putting me just under 20% body fat. This was my original goal I set while reading the 1st part of the book. I will tell you when I reach my next goal (10% BF at 204 lbs). :)

  • Francisco Bento commented Nov 8th 2012:

    How talk are you? I measured my Bf today and it showed 17%...and I am not sure it is right, because I still have so much to loose.

  • Francisco Bento commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Tall.. Stupid autocorrect...

  • Drewfis H commented Nov 8th 2012:

    6'1/2''. I also have a long torso and shorter legs for my height, so my fat tends to spread out. Yea my BF measuring tool is bio-impedance so it may not be 100% accurate all the time, but I take measurements throughout the day and average them now instead of taking one measurement in the morning.

  • Drewfis H commented Nov 8th 2012:

    If you aren't sure, check picture examples online or in the book for body frame types and heights that correspond to yours.


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I guess that once you enter this way of living, one is never satisfied since we can notice how easy it is to keep improving.

But check out the Before and After session.. there are a lot of amazing results there... guys with six pack abs and still going for more! Girls with a very defined stomach and still working on those last few pounds.

There are a lot of successful stories here...

And if you find that nobody has reached their goals... well, we are surely cheering for you to achieve yours!!!! ;)

  • MaryC commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Thank you fcobento! I appreciate your comment.


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I have. :) And I have exceeded it too...still losing even though I have been in maintenance for 9 weeks now. :)

Look here if you need inspiration: http://4hourpeople.com/question/7805/Akane-s-Before-After-Pictures

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 7th 2012:

    Oh, btw, I am currently at 111.8 lbs :)

  • Brenda 7 commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Just awesome Akane!!!

  • Juan Pinillos commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Akane, you're such an inspiration!

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Thanks Brenda and Juan :)

  • MaryC commented Nov 8th 2012:

    OMG, this is fantastic, how long did it take you? I can't wait to be on maintenance! lol, I know I need to be patient, I am kicking myself on the butt for not sticking with it back in July, I too would have probably hit my goal by now!

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 8th 2012:

    @MaryC - Stick to it is key! :) Just have faith and fight through all the mental games you have with yourself. Your biggest enemy, is YOU, but YOU can also be your biggest hero! :) Keep on going! :) It took me 15 months and 2 weeks to get to 114.8 :) And, I've been on maintenance(and still losing) for 9(almost 10) weeks now. :)

  • MaryC commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Thank you Akane, you seam to be an inspiration to a lot of people here! I need to find a way to not get sick of breakfast! that is my biggest weakness right now! I'm not a huge fan of breakfast, eggs or meat in the morning! I'm going to try protein shake isolate and see if that works for me or not! I plan to take before pictures this weekend since it's only been 1 week, I doubt there has been a ton of change, I don't feel any change in my clothe...yet.

    Are you still eating breakfast within 30 min of waking?

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Yes. I am eating breakfast within an HOUR(cause I can't make 30m) of waking. It's a habit I plan on keeping for life. Also, it's a good thing to get breakfast in and make it a habit of doing so. It revs up your metabolism for the day and gives it the energy it needs to function optimally. You skip breakfast you are making your body's metabolism not run as optimally....no matter how much you exercise.


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I´ve lost 8 kg (weighing now 54 kg or 118,8 lbs / 1,64 cm or 5 ft. 4,6 in.) and went from 34 % body fat to 20 %. Originally I only wanted to lose 4 kg, but it was so easy and I love the way I feel when eating slow carb, that I stuck to it. I´m now weighing as little as I used to weigh while going to school. I´m more or less on maintenance (eating here and there some sweets), but I´m still losing weight.

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Isn't it, Nicole? It IS so easy....it's funny how even though you reach your goal weight, your body still loses weight if you stick to slow carbing. I love slow carbing too. I find I really don't want to change much as far as my diet....and it's still going. Congrats on reaching your goal! :) I may READJUST my goal weight slightly lower since it seems my body is trending that way. :) Maybe make it 112 instead of 115. :)

  • Blair Bass commented Nov 8th 2012:

    Hi, Nicole. My height it's exactly the same as you... How did you lose those kg? I'm weighting now 59 kg and I'm 1,64cm. What was the amount of time that you reached your goal? I'm a little exhausted because I don't seem to change my weight.

  • Nicole Pape commented Nov 9th 2012:

    Yes, Akane, it´s so amazing. In the beginning I thought that the weight might come back easily, but it just doesn´t! :)

    Hi Blair.bass.3956, well, I started in June (19th) with 62 Kg and 2 months later I had lost 5 Kg. In between we were on a 2 week holiday and didn´t eat slow carb. That is why it took me so long. Usually, if you only have to lose a couple of K´s, it takes about a week per kg. You will find that your inches decrease although your weight might stall a little. That is because, you lose fat and gain muscles. (I lost 20 cm.) Then, as a woman, you always have to stick to SCD at least 5 weeks. Write down what you typically eat during the day, maybe you should alter something.

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