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Back after 6 month of no SCD

This is my first week (day 3) since last July when I attempted this, I have a nasty headache, I feel tired and at the same time I'm having a hard time sleeping, the good thing is I'm not having any cravings, or looking forward to cheat day, I remember how awful I use to feel after cheat days, not looking forward to that.

The thing that is very difficult for me is breakfast, eating with 30 min. of waking, I'm almost gagging as a eat my meal, I think this is why it was so hard for me to stick with it last time. Any easy, easy breakfast suggestions? I know we can't have protein shakes, I want to stick with this for life, I have to find a way to enjoy breakfast.

Should I do PAGG? does it help speed up the weight loss? I have not weighed myself, I didn't weigh myself before starting this either, I'm going to track by measuring myself instead and only weight myself once per month.

Thank you all, I hope this time I make it to my goal.


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No one thing alone will make a huge change. It's the combination of a massive amount of small changes that will produce rapid and steady results. PAGG is one of these small things. I certainly noticed a very slight slowdown the week I took off PAGG, but nothing major. I also skip doses here and there and I haven't been deterred by it. It's up to you how many of these small good changes you effect at once. I have been slowly adding more and more as I get closer to my target weight. Hope this helps, good luck :)

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Hello MaryC,

My problem with breakfast is that I can't find the time to cook and eat within 30mins of waking. What I do is I have 50g unflavoured whey isolate with water as soon as I wake up (http://www.myprotein.com/uk/products/impact_whey_isolate) which is about as easy as drinking a glass of water and fulfills my protein requirement. Then I'm free to eat breakfast whenever I want and at whatever quantity I want as well.

Not sure if this helps but thats what I do.

Good Luck,


  • MaryC commented Nov 7th 2012:

    Jim.scotson.1, thank you for the comment, I have been reading about whey isolate on this forum, there are so many mixed comments regarding. Are you having good results eating this way? or is it affecting your progress?


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You need to weigh yourself as well as take your measurements. When i first started i didn't weigh for 3 days i think, i didn't want to know, but trust me once your weight starts dropping off as well as the inches you'll kick yourself for not knowing how much you've lost!! trust me, you should weigh once a week too on the morning of your cheat day, keep a log, it helps to keep you motivated.

Also, in the book he says to try and eat within 30 minutes to 1 hour, i can never make the 30 minutes, but i set my timer when i walk into my kitchen and 1 hour is easy to do (sometimes). You could start out with 20 grams of protein for a couple of weeks if you can't do the 30 grams, that's what i did, now i'm doing 30 grams each morning, and 20 grams for lunch and 20 for dinner. Make sure you eat enough beans, black beans and pinto are my favorite.

Are you eating your regular scd breakfast on your cheat day? you need to do that first thing, then start your cheating after that. If you only want to do a cheat meal try that too. I haven't been sick once (knock on wood) and i'm on my 13th cheat day today.

Try some peanut butter or almond butter at night before you go to bed, i think it's about 1 hr. before, and drink lots of water all day.


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