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I'm not sure about this!!

I started SCD about 3 weeks ago and lost 3 lbs on it! I was so excited ... then I went nuts on my cheatday, ( don't think I had a single healthy meal, lol) anyways ... I've been really strict with myself this week but I do keep finding hidden sugars in some foods (Cottage Cheese, Turkey Sausage and Patties).

So my actual weightloss is just 2 lbs and my next cheatday is tomorrow. I'm living with a NON-Believer of this "Way of Life" and hoped to show him how great it works for me but it's not :'(

and I'm afraid fo gain even more weight tomorrow and not loose it again. I am so discouraged!!

I'm 44 yrs old, 5'4 at 147.2 lbs today ...


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Are you working out? I have noticed that the days I don't work out, give me less results than days that I do. Also, i took my till about week 3 to see the difference on myself in the mirror not just the scale.

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Hey jackiesgirl143,

Have faith. It's great you've been finding out about hidden sugars so you know what now to avoid, but your physiology also affects your results. Since you're a woman, your hormones much more affect your results than if you were a male of equivalent age. Does it mean you won't get results? Hell no! Just means it will take a little more patience. Give it time. Also, if you're losing weight slower or not at all, maybe posting your typical day and water intake will help us help you pinpoint issues in your diet if they exist. Don't give up!



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It took me 3 weeks for things to really start moving...I get about 1.5 pounds a week (not crazy, but not bad).

The main thing for me is feeling less lethargic and more energetic!

Have faith.


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Under the "search" section look up women on 4hb. There's lots of information about the differences Between how men and women see progress. Women, it just takes us longer. Lots of great info here, and several women who have done superb. Don't give up!


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Don't be discouraged. No problem with the cottage cheese, it is allowed (says in the book) i think once you are on the diet for a while you'll see what works and what doesn't. My turkey bacon also has a minimal amount or not a significant source etc. of sugar but i eat it anyway.

I've heard that women may take a bit longer to start losing, but also check your inches, that's where i lost it first. I've been on the diet almost 3 months and have lost 29 pounds and 39" so it does work.

Are you drinking enough water to help flush the fat away. You also might post a day of your meals on here and we can see what you are eating, i'm sure someone can give you some tips, you just have to ask!!

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