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How does this recipe sound?

Hey all,

Every time I diet, I have a few meals I'm not sure about.

This time the rules are very simple, but I found a recipe that REALLY fills me up and is very satisfying, so it seems a bit too good to be true...

I thought I'd ask here.

So it's basically chicken breast strips in a wok, chinese/thai style I guess...

First I put the chicken in the wok with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, I season the chicken with salt and pepper before I throw it in.

I fry it until it gets some color, then I add a couple of sliced shallots, and keep stirfrying it.

After a while I'll add a little bit of sliced hot pepper and a couple of tablespoons of black beans.

I'll let it heat up for a little while, then I add about a tablespoon of gluten-free soy sauce.

Then I'll add cabbage, bell peppers maybe, some zucchini, asparagus, spinach... once everything's cooked I crush a couple of garlic cloves and saute the whole thing until the garlic smells to my taste.

The wok fills up very quickly and the dish turns out very big. It's very satisfying and tasty, tons of veggies, has beans and chicken... I really can't see anything wrong with this dish - but it tastes so good and fills me up for such a long time, that I have to wonder... The diet will become very easy if there's nothing wrong with this dish.


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Looks delicious and is SCD approved! ;)

I might have to attempt this one soon!


  • Alon Tako commented Nov 1st 2012:

    Well, give it a try and see if it works the same on you. :)

    I ate it a good 3 hours ago and I still feel completely full, not even remotely close to thinking about my next meal.

    If you're gonna try it - feel free to put in anything you want. Those things happen to be what I had at home today, but it could easily be done with anything. I'd say the "foundation" of this recipe is the chicken, the shallots, soy sauce, cabbage, and the garlic in the end (which will really make it AWESOME).

    Beyond these, add whatever you want. :)

    I believe it's the beans that made it so satisfying. Even a little bit goes a long way in filling you up together with everything else.

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sounds delicious and is just right on plan!

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