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How to be happy w/ this?

Hi all...

I've been doing the 4HRBody since January 7th. I am 5'11" and was 252lbs and at the beginning the weight was pouring off. I've stabilized quite a bit and eventually came close to my first milestone of sub 200lbs earlier this month. Haven't done anything different with SCD and have gone back up +3 or +5lbs depending on cheat day. Today I'm 205.4lbs (cheat day was Sunday and it usually takes until Weds and sometimes Thursday to realize pre-cheat weight).

My biggest issue is that to me it's not enough. Is there anyone else out there who feels that their results should have been better than what they're getting following the plan 100%? No joke. I'm right on the money food wise....

6:30am: 30g+ protein within 30mins via egg whites/chix sausage/black beans/spinach

11am: chicken breast (or tuna or ground beef)/black beans/spinach salad

3pm: 2 egg whites

5:30pm either chicken, beef, or turkey/black beans/spinach

9:30pm/10pm maybe a slice of turkey bacon

Coffee w/ cinnamon + tiny bit of cream... and at least 5 liters of water/day

This week is my AGG/PAGG off week to reset.

I didn't think it was possible to stall as early as I have.



Time for kettlebells, right?

Thanks in advance you lovely people...



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Hey Ben,

Think about it like this: Do you have a faster way that you haven't already tried that doesn't include lipo-suction or gastric bypass or some crazy procedure? For many of us here, the SCD is the one thing that's actually worked for us. Many of us have gone through several different "fad" diets with little to no success.

You've lost about 50 lbs! Be happy! 50 lbs of fat is equivalent to a huge bag of cement... THAT"S FLIPPIN' HEAVY! Imagine what it would be like to lug around that bag of cement now? ALL THE TIME. And you've completely burned or should I say, worked all of that FAT off of your body, for good. That's something to be happy about.

Does this mean you should just be done and satisfied? Well you've already answered that question. You have more to lose, you've already loss so much, why not keep going. If you don't acknowledge and celebrate your milestones, you aren't giving credit to all of your hard work. People all around the globe struggle with their weight; trust me, hundreds of millions would be happy to lose 50 lbs. Even though you still have some ways to go, recognize how far you've come so you can further propel yourself into success. I know I'm definitely happy for you. Keep up the good work and don't be so hard on yourself for an extraordinary achievement, no matter how small you think it is, because it's substantial.


  • Ben2TheMax commented Oct 30th 2012:

    Thanks Jones... Been having major issues with people who have the body/metabolism/whatever to drop more weight than I have in a shorter period of time.... I realize every body is different, and I've tried to poke holes in what I've been doing/not doing for months now. Not that I'm going to stop SCD.... It's been integrated into my being and I thoroughly enjoy feeling the outline of my ribs thru my chest... Rather selfishly I want more.

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Congrats on your success thus far. I looked at your diet and the only thing that I can suggest is try to swap the black beans for lentils. I read that lentils (especially mixed with spinach) have a softer impact on weight gain and they are as filling as black beans.


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I also have lost close to 50 lbs. I will let you know if I hit a plateau. I usually avoid sausage, as it is fattier than other protein choices and I dont know what's in it for sure (personal gripe). Don't eat before bed. You won't digest a slice of bacon fully before falling unconscious. I know the pang, it's bad when I'm up late... Chug a bunch of water like an hour before you think you'll go to bed. It'll fill you up AND increase liver function for fat loss. If you are dedicated, ditch the cream, and exercise more. If I think of anything else ill let you know. Congrats on your progress so far, feels awesome right? Look at before and in progress pics, and game face.

  • Ben2TheMax commented Oct 31st 2012:

    Thanks Drewfis. Please do let me know. It DOES feel awesome... and I'm EXTREMELY appreciative... I want more, and I know I'm nowhere near 'The Last Mile." I would agree with you 100% on the sausage, but I know the guy who makes them here on-island, and I grilled him (pardon the pun) for a half-hour about what he puts in there. Including asking about nitrates and nitrites, fillers, etc... I have kettlebells arriving on a boat tonight.

  • Drewfis H commented Oct 31st 2012:

    Nice! I haven't kettle belled yet but I'd like to try it out at some point for sure. Build up that muscle an you'll burn up that fat!


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Hi congratulations on the 50 pounds lost, that's great. Just a quick question, about how much beans are you eating? how much is a tiny bit of cream and what kind of cream? and check your turkey bacon for hidden sugars. Can you try something else late at night instead of the bacon? I think if you are stalling it might be time to look at portions, even though the book says eat as much as you want, it's also about finding out what works the best for you.

  • Ben2TheMax commented Oct 30th 2012:

    Thanks Brenda....

    Abt 1/4 to 1/3 cup of bb per meal. I use heavy whipping cream and approx 1 tbsp per cup of coffee. Will double check the turkey bacon. Have used a small piece of grilled chicken in that pre-sleep bite at times. No changes observed.

    I've been considering adjusting portions. My breakfast is HUGE with approx 3/4 to 1 cup of egg whites (a mix of the Egg Beaters 100% egg whites and the regular Egg Beaters) the 1/3 cup of bb, 1/4 cup froz spinach and one chicken sausage. We don't have all the organic Eggology stuff here in Cayman... and the chicken sausage is excellent. So I'm getting close to 44g protien from the eggs and chicken alone.

    Will be interesting this week as it's only the 3rd break in P/AGG dosing.

  • Brenda 7 commented Oct 30th 2012:

    Actually looks good what you are eating, hopefully someone else will come along and help you out. Could your body just be used to what you are eating if it's the same all the time, could you change something or add something different you haven't been eating, just a thought.

  • Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan commented Oct 31st 2012:

    Try eating more good fats, and see if it makes a difference. Avocado, coconut oil, and ghee are a few. They shouldn't hurt you, and they might help.

  • Ben2TheMax commented Oct 31st 2012:

    That's what I'm thinking, Brenda... And couple that with what DSheehan is saying as well with the good fats, there was this almond butter from Once Again Nut Butters that had Palm Fruit Oil in it and during the week I had it, it was adding to fat loss. I had a case ordered to me here in Cayman, and should be in any day now. I could stand to get some more avocados in there as well.


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Great Job! Look at where you have come, its amazing.

I love the graphs, what have you used to keep those? Doesn't look like an excel spreadsheet.



  • Ben2TheMax commented May 8th 2013:

    Hey Jay,

    First let me say that your comment coming today is very interesting. I was on the site earlier today b/c I've hit another stall and was feeling a little down about it... FWIW....

    So, I weigh myself every morning using the FitBit Aria wifi scale paired with the FitBit app and it tracks the numbers.



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I can definitely relate. When I started this last June, the weight poured off me... I lost 45 pounds in four months, and then, it just stopped.

I kept doing the diet, but between vacations, holidays and all that, I just kind of went into maintenance mode. I'd go up five and then down five and that's the way the last six months have been. I'm still within a couple pounds of where I was and now I'm ready to kick into high gear again, to get the last 20-30 pounds off.

You are doing great. Never lose sight of that. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to do better...

Keep it up!

  • Dylan Tomlinson commented May 8th 2013:

    I tried the egg white vs. whole eggs at one point, and I actually lost more weight while eating the whole eggs. Your diet is pretty impressive.

  • Ben2TheMax commented May 8th 2013:

    Thanks Dylan.

    I've done some tweaking since then, cutting out all the other things (occasionally 3 brazil nuts or a tbs of almond butter before bed). The wife and I spent Easter in Italy (Rome and Vinci for a week each)... I was doing P/AGG off and on for most big meals (full Italian pastas, pizza, gelato etc.) and managed to have the normal SCD bfast with egg whites, lentils & spinach or broccoli.

    Arrived back home on a Sunday, so I finished off that cheat day and then on the scale for Monday (8 April) was 192.2lbs with 19.2% BF. Today (8 May) is 188.6lbs with 19.7% BF.

    Stall much?!

  • Brenda 7 commented May 8th 2013:

    After reading Dylan's post I have to comment, i'm doing the same. I hit 175 (40# off) last March 20th 2013 & since then i'm floating up and down 2-3 pounds. I'm still eating SCD, but i'm messing up I guess with too much cottage cheese. I definitely don't want to exercise but I may have to break down and start. Nine months on SCD tomorrow and 40 pounds off give or take these last 2-3 frickin pounds!!

  • Dylan Tomlinson commented May 8th 2013:

    Yeah, I would go through stretches where I would be eating pretty well, but I would eat too much diet soda, ketchup, creamer with the coffee, etc.. I wouldn't gain anything, but I wouldn't lose anything either... It's amazing that a few small things can make a difference, but they do...

    I'm glad you brought up cottage cheese, because I recently saw that it's allowed, but it seems like most people here think eating it doesn't help losing weight...

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