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Almond milk, fruit, and dark chocolate.

I was wondering if a cup of unsweetened almond milk a day is allowed on this diet or Paleo? I wanted to incorporate it into my diet to have a steady calcium/vitamin intake, without supplements.

Note: I've also cut out beans for the most part, so is it optimal if I had a small amount of fruit (fast acting sugar/carbs), or a small piece of Dark Chocolate post-workout. Or would something like brown rice be better? I would like to cut more body fat, but gain a bit of muscle mass.



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yeah i think stick to the normal rules of SCD, the consumption of spinach and almond butter should cover any crucial mineral deficiencies.. if you want to build muscle keep eating the same types of foods, but increase the quantity- as i have to make sure i don't eat too little so my muscle doesn't waste away... cold therapy will help your recovery from workouts as well as in dropping body fat.. i think if your body fat % is low enough (say 12%), and if your workouts are taxing enough (20-30 min of lifting) then incorporate a bit of chocolate or fruit post-workout to engage the body's recovery functions..

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I'm sorry to say, but if you cut out beans then it's not really a "slow" carb type of diet.

The beans/lentils are the legumes that digest slowly and give you a slow release of energy all day (unlike fruit sugars which tend to give a quick boost and then ask you for more).

As for Almond milk...I drink it from time to time, with no adverse affects...but it's not that high in calcium...also, I feel guilty about ever "drinking" my calories.

No brown rice...even brown is not slow enough.

I like 1 piece of 90% dark chocolate maybe once every few weeks...but the one time I bought it, my wife (who is also doing scd at the whole thing in a day)...it still seems to have that glucose spiking effect on her (where 1 bite and she craved the whole dang thing). ;)

Of course, you can do what works for you. Eating more veggies and lean protein is always a good thing...but the SCD is pretty strict about the 5 main rules.

Good luck!

  • Sober Monk commented Oct 29th 2012:

    Yeah you're right, I'm doing more of a Paleo type diet nowadays, but I don't really eat much fruit either. I just have some lean protein or eggs with veggies for most meals.


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Both myself and my girlfriend have recorded steady weight loss with Almond Milk and some Dark Choclate. Track what you eat and see what happens.

  • Sober Monk commented Oct 29th 2012:

    Thanks. I'll try to incorporate small amounts and see how that works out.

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