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First week...2 lbs. down only :(

I see that many of you (and others online) lose somewhere from 4-7 pounds on the first week. Today is my cheat day, I haven't actually started it yet. I weighed myself everyday this week. I started on Sunday. So from Sunday to Tuesday, I went from 165 to 163. Then on Thursday I was 164.8 pounds. Today, Saturday, I'm at 163.7 pounds. I'm pretty sure I was doing this right! I didn't have ANY dairy or sugar or artificial sweetners. Here's what my typical meals looked like:

Breakfast: Noon

3-4 egg whites

1 boiled egg

Black beans


Black Coffee with 1 tsp of cinnamon (only 2-3 days this week)

Lunch: 5-5:30pm

Chicken thigh with lemon seasoning (cooked on stove top with olive oil and very little butter)

Black beans


Salad (with mustard and olive oil mixture) or frozen spinach (with a little lemon juice)

Dinner: 9pm

Chicken breast (with lemon seasoning)

Black or pinto beans

1 hard boiled egg

Salad or spinach

Note: I go to sleep pretty late every day, hence the noon breakfast.


I didn't workout at all (basically sat on my butt all week, not going to lie). I drank water, maybe not as much as I should. My body's not used to the amount of water that needs to be consumed. I would have around 3-6 bottles (1 pint/bottle). I would also have a few glasses of ice water in between the bottles.

I've been seaching tips and such all week on this site and others with people who had similar meals but they've lost so much more. I don' t understand why mine was only 2 pounds! I've been on this diet for the last 6 days and I was excited about starting it, now I'm super discouraged and frustrated. Did I perhaps have too many beans? And how did I gain that pound by Thursday?? It makes no sense!


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Few questions

1) Does the salsa have sugar? Most do.

2) What's the quantity of chicken, beans, and veggies?

3) How tall are you? You might not have much weight to lose.

Suggestions (try 1 per week).

1) Cut down the salsa to only once a day.

2) Cut the butter, a lot of people are slightly lactose intolerant and don't know it

3) Try Increasing your veggies, especially with breakfast.

I'm 6'2" and 220 lbs and I only eat about 1 to 1.5 cups of legumes a day.

You water consumption seems fine.

Any weight loss is good, you should only be concerned if you gain weight when eating like this (indicates some kind of hormone problem). I never had high numbers but I always lose the same amount each week.


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I would have to think that the more you have to lose, the easier it would be to lose it. If you are a man, you are already pretty lean. If you are a woman of average height, you would probably be at your goal weight in 3 months at that rate. Not too bad really.

Also, if you are a woman, you need to account for your menstrual cycle from what I've heard. Your results can be skewed by that. Give it a couple more weeks. Based on your consumption you are doing fine. The amount of calories should not matter with this system of eating.


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I didn't lose much weight at the first week as well.

First week results shouldn't be taken too seriously.

You could have lost water weight or muscle weight, or even fat. It could be the different amount of food in your system that you carry around (used to eat 2 pounds of food a day, now u eat less, shows on the scale) - etc.

It takes the body a while to get used to the changes, and the first week's results aren't very reliable since you body is still adjusting. Week 2 is more accurate, and week 3 is where you'll be able to really tell what's going on. Just keep going.

On a side note, I would watch my bean/lentil amounts and make sure any sauces I'm using don't have sugar or dairy in them. Try to make salsa on your own or look for no sugar salsa, try to not eat more than 1 can of beans a day (was hard for me at first, but now it's really more than enough).

I don't work out as well and so far I lost around 4-5 pounds or so, week 3. I do use every opportunity I have to take a walk, carry things, etc. I get lazy at times but whenever there's an opportunity I will carry groceries, clean something up, walk instead of taking a bus... it's nothing organized, but it's the best I can do to stay active within my lifestyle.

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