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My Stubborn Stall

I've stalled now for the last few weeks, having not lost any weight throughout the weeks.

Here's a menu of the sort of things I eat:


Ground beef




Heavy Cream (only a tiny bit in hot cocoa made with 100% raw cocoa and stevia)

Almonds (a small handfull once a day)

Sweet Onions

Whey protein powder (is whey not slow-carb?)

almond milk

a little bit of coconut milk in coffee

So, I don't see any blatant error in my menu. Here's a little about me:

I'm 18, a 6' male at 167-170lbs. I do 75 53-kettlebells swings every two or three times a week.

Thanks for any input. :-)

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Almond milk has sugar in it unless it says sugar-free.

  • Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan commented Oct 25th 2012:

    You also seem to be at an ideal weight for your size. What is your body fat %?

  • Tyler Pedraja commented Oct 25th 2012:

    I assume around 14-15% for the degree of compliance I put towards slow-carb, I had expected to look like the picture of Tim in the kettlebell chapter XD. Also, the almond milk is sugar free.

  • Dylan Tomlinson commented Oct 25th 2012:

    You're 6-foot 170 and you're worried about losing weight?

    By all means, enjoy the SCD lifestyle and work out as much as you can, but that's pretty damn skinny.

    Congrats to you for being skinny! :D

  • Danielle Waldo commented Oct 25th 2012:

    I kind of think the same thing. My son is your size and 22 years old. He doesn't need to loose weight, but I think if he exercised, he'd get leaner, he is a graphic designer, so pretty sedentary. I would almost bet, if you ate a healthy diet..veg, fruit, lean meats and NO SODA, plus lifted weights, at your age- you'd be pretty muscular, pretty fast, of that's what you want to do. Oh, to be young again! Really good for you for trying to get healthy! Good habits start young. Danielle


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Measure your body fat you probably don't have any weight left to lose.


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without an exact menu here are some thoughts

Whey protein powder is not recommended, Whey protein Isolate is allowed but only advised as a breakfast food. Casein is a good protein choice for Slow carb.

you may be eating too many beans- try cutting them out at dinner.

your combination of Almond Milk, Coconut Milk and your Hot Cocoa sounds like a big culprit, how much of them are you getting?

Are your vegetables canned? check for Sugar.

  • Tyler Pedraja commented Oct 25th 2012:

    I drink maybe one mug of either coffee or hot cocoa a day. I've checked all the ingredients I put in and they're all slow-carb friendly. Vegetables are bagged. I could try cutting out beans, though I don't think I'll i'll replace it with meat. Meat gets pricey =p

  • wombat commented Oct 26th 2012:

    how much almond milk do you drink?

  • Tyler Pedraja commented Oct 27th 2012:

    no more than two cups. I only make protein shakes with it in the mornings because I can't bring myself to cook and eat within 30 minutes of waking.

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