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Four month update, what I've learned etc...

Two days from now will be my four-month anniversary since I started the SCD.

I have lost 45 pounds. None of my old clothes fit and at a recent work function one of my bosses (who I do not see regularly) made a joke about me living at the gym. I have not gone to the gym a single time since I started the diet.

My weight loss breakdown has been as follows:

Month 1: Lost 20 pounds

Month 2: Lost 13 pounds

Month 3: Lost 3 pounds

Month 4: Lost 9 pounds

What I think is the most amazing aspect of this diet is that at no point during the last four months has quitting ever entered my mind. That's definitely not because I have such strong will because Lord knows I've lost track of diets I've quit. The fact of the matter is I'm just not that hungry and the desire to cheat (beyond scheduled cheat days) is almost never there.

Adjustments I've made... During the first month, I ate a ton of pinto beans. I also drank a lot of diet soda and still put Splenda in my iced coffee. It didn't seem to stop the weight loss, so I weaned myself off the diet soda and Spenda. I actually drink coffee black now and don't mind it at all.

During Month 3, I knew I had to do something to get over a plateau and I started doing kettlebell a few times a week, drinking veggie smoothies daily, cutting the beans completely and none of that seemed to work.

This past month, my coffee intake has gone up considerably and so has my weight loss. I don't think that's a coincidence at all.

This is my daily diet...

Breakfast: Five fried eggs with buffalo sauce on them.

Lunch and Dinner: Three grilled chicken thighs with buffalo sauce on them.

I rarely change up dinner. If I do, I just have eggs or occasionally a hamburger patty.

I don't like vegetables. I eat pickles and banana peppers as snacks. Sometimes I'll have some celery.

My biggest struggle was cheat days. Early on, I didn't take them because I didn't want to cut in on any progress I was making and I didn't feel the need. When I started taking them, it was taking me more than a week to lose what I had gained. Then, I curbed them considerably and while I wasn't gaining as much weight on the cheat days, I wasn't losing anything during the week either.

Now, I don't curb them, but I make sure I eat a normal SCD breakfast, and drink a ton of coffee and water during the day. I also make a point of avoiding soda, pizza and desserts. I do have some candy, but for whatever reason, eating Mike and Ikes and Malted Balls doesn't result in the kind of gains that cake and ice cream do. Don't ask me why, I have no idea...

For the last month, I've kind of been in the groove where I gain 3-4 on the cheat day and then lose it really quickly as it says in the book. For whatever reason, it took me until the fourth month to be able to master that. It very well might have been getting to the point where I wasn't going to freak out when I found out what my cheat day gain was... I don't know...

This is the greatest diet ever. I have no plans to quit even though everybody keeps asking me when I'm going to. The real answer is never, even though I may get to the point where I indulge a little more on the weekends and then SCD it during the week. I'm not at that point yet.

This site has been invaluable, even if it's just to whine and moan and rant about something not working the way I want it to.... Thanks to everyone for the support, tough love etc... :D


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Congratulations! Your story is really inspiring to me :D

I am sorry to say this to veggies fans, but not everybody thinks eating that stuff is ‘easy’, they take time to cook and are expensive. :-( I love the diet, but having to incorporate veggies in every meal made my life a living hell and I ended up quitting after only a month. When you make an effort to eat vegetables you realize how little you ate before and how right Tim is saying that vegans see an improvement in their general health not by not eating meat but by eating more vegetables.

This is the reason your story gave me some encouragement and hope. I'll try the diet again because it is amazing (since I stopped following it I have not gained a pound, actually kept losing weight slowly!) and this time I won't torture myself with eating vegetables on every meal, but I'll introduce them slowly into my diet.

It's also nice to see that cheat day does get better, but it takes some time. I have been panicking about it and have been very depressed.

Keep it up! Congratulations again :)

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Guy I'm happy for you about your weight loss, but living on eggs and meat is going to make you so ill on the long term - please research and what a diet of mostly protein does to your system and start adjusting, now that you've probably reached your goal.

  • Dylan Tomlinson commented Oct 25th 2012:

    Wow, thanks for being so condescending...

  • Chris Montone commented Oct 26th 2012:

    I think it's a serious concern that much saturated fat with out any veggies could really spike your cholesterol levels. You can have really high cholesterol and still be skinny.


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What they said, how many veggies do you use in the veggie blend you make? I eat broccoli with almost every meal, just cook it with whatever you're eating, it'll taste good.


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What Buffalo Sauce do you use?

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