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Newbie Question - Tracking Calories?

Hi all! Getting prepped to start 4HB this week, and I have a question for you... I'm a busy work-at-home mom, so I actually have a hard time eating enough calories during the day (I can consume nothing but coffee until dinner at 8pm, then binge. Bleh). I see that some of you use those nifty iPhone tracker apps to make sure you're eating enough calories...

The question is, how do you know what daily calorie amount you'd like to get to? Is it just whatever is standard on the app for your weight/age/height? Or is there another type of minimum number you need to get to? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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Hi Blair,

On the SCD you don't need to track calories...just follow the basic rules and you'll be fine.

Good luck.


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Although I agree with DarrenDad that calorie counting is not supposed to be necessary, I found (after tracking all caloric intake for a time) that I was consuming far too few calories throughout the day for a healthy person of my size and age. I use the myfitnesspal app and website at myfitnesspal.com and found the forum post here to be very informative and give me a general guideline as to how many calories to consume to continue burning fat and maintain or increase lean body mass. It has worked for me. I have tried similar tracker apps in the past, but this one has the best library of foods and the macronutrients associated with them, that I have ever found. I also use it to track my daily weight (yeah I know you're not necessarily supposed to do that either, but I've been doing it for years) and weekly measurements. I also compile this data within a spreadsheet for me and my wife, along with photographic documentation.

The 4 Hour Body is all about experimentation, which can be done most effectively with good data. Also, knowing I have to log everything I put into my mouth keeps me honest, dedicated, and right on track. If you are really concerned about consuming too few calories, keep an honest record for a time and adjust as best you can. There is no need to continue, but do it if it will give you peace of mind. I got the idea to start tracking calories from these forums, and don't see myself stopping anytime soon.


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Just stick to the rules and fill a dinner plate three times a day. About a half veggies, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 legumes. Good fats are OK too. Don't worry about counting calories.

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