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Think thin bar OK?

Hi all-

Just came across 4HB book, very excited to try changing my eating habits to this lifestyle (I am close but indulge in a lot of fruit and gluten free grains ie. quinoa) I am wondering if the food bar, 'think thin' (8 g fat, 23 g carb, 20 g protein, 0 g sugar!) is allowed on this diet? I eat this and cottage cheese for breakfast.

Also, does anyone count calories on this diet? I know I definitely don't need more than 1500 cals or so a day (used a caloric counter online based on height/weight) but I'm wondering if this diet works so well in a way you really don't need to count?

Any advice/suggestion would be much appreciated!



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First off, I think it's great you are interested in this lifestyle...and I agree that it is a lifestyle...not a diet (even though we call it a Slow Carb Diet

I'd suggest that if you have the book, that you read the book...it's a fun read and answers all questions and he makes it pretty easy to get started quickly...and it's a fun read.

However, since you asked:

For the most part though, you need not count calories...I HATE counting calories. I have no clue how many calories I take in but I am losing weight/inches regularly and I feel better all of the time. The closest thing I did to counting calories was to decrease my portion size...meaning...a little less of "this and that" on my plate.

As for bars...you shouldn't really be eating bars even if they are sugar free. It would seem that "something" is making them have 23 grams of carb...what is that "something"? Is it a slowly digestible carb?

Plus, if you read the book (hint-hint) ;) you will see that you need more than 20 grams of protein in your breakfast.

Breakfast should typically be loaded with healthy slow carbs (aka beans-lentils...legumes), protein (typically eggs and/or egg whites in the AM) and veggies. I always put a small amount of cottage cheese in my eggs by the way.

If you...read the book, you will see that by following the basics of the Slow Carb Diet you won't even need to be snacking on much of anything since your meals are so full of healthy slow carbs :)

But don't take my word for it...read the book.

So, yep...read the book - it may possibly change your life ;)

Good luck!

  • Emily Libby commented Oct 21st 2012:

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your answers and i am so excited to try this and feel great. You are right, counting cals absolutely stinks and although I dont want to, the only way i knew how to lose weight i gained post college was to limit cal intake and burn more. Anyway, you are right decreasing portion size is key.

    As for the bar, I dont exactly want to eat food bars because i believe eating foods you can actually read whats in the label is important. I will start this week with lots of eggs in the am. Trust me I DEF am reading the book now!! :)

    Thank you again for your encouragement, advice and support!

  • Lauren Featherstone commented Oct 21st 2012:

    I do count calories with LoseIt.com just as a reminder of what you are actually putting in your mouth. On my cheat day, I ate McDonalds and was horrified when I counted it up. I like to know how much protein, carbs and sugar I eat in a normal slow carb day too to be informed on future choices. Think Thin bars sound super high carbs.

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All bars are not bad. Those think thin bars are really bad. Read the rest of the story:

Total Carbs: 24 g

Dietary Fiber: 2g (these are fine)

Sugar Alcohol: 12g this is just sugar. They call it sugar alcohol to make you think it isn't sugar, but it is. Not good on SCD

Other Carbs: 9g Not sure what "Other Carbs" are. Might be ok.

So run away from these.

I regularly eat Quest protein bars. They have 24g of carbs. 19g are dietary fiber which is fine. 1g is sugar. They do have sucralose which some say avoid like sugar but I will tell you I have lost 54 lbs eating quest bars and drinking protein shakes every day. With my constant travel, this saves me.

  • Emily Libby commented Oct 22nd 2012:

    Thank you- I had a feeling they were 'too good to be true'. I'm ready to give them up as my staple breakfast meal and eat real food for every meal, unless like you I am traveling or too confined with time. I will check out the quest bars and I'm glad protein shakes are fine too:) I'm assuming you exercise a lot (skateboard?)

    Thank you for the advice!

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 22nd 2012:

    Just a little addition, probably an obvious consideration but 'Protein Shakes' aren't ok. Some protein isolate powders are ok because they don't have added sugar and definitely don't drink them with milk.

    Rather than checking the health stats of a food, i.e. grams of carbs etc. try checking the ingredients. This gives a much better picture of whether its going to be ok or not. For example your 'think thin' bar might have 0 sugar but be loaded with wheat flow (just an example, I have no idea) whereas almonds have about 4% sugar I think. Just looking at the stats makes the bar seem like the better choice but in reality that's not the case.

    Good Luck, happy fat loss :-)


  • Emily Libby commented Oct 25th 2012:

    Thank u Jim!

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