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Week 3 Headaches!!

I am on day 2 of W3 and suffering from major headaches, yesterday and today! Any thoughts on this? I have lost 4 lbs and an very happy about that, but could do without the headache!


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I think the few times I've gotten headaches (asides from the initial sugar withdrawal week) has been when A- I havent been eating enough, B- I havent gotten enough rest. I can see you are getting plenty of water so make sure you are getting plenty of your good calories. Have you tried a spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter? it has helped calm down some of the "i havent eaten enough today" headaches.

  • Alyson Stinson Dopfer commented Oct 21st 2012:

    Funny I actually ended up doing that! ( with some Advil ;-) )

  • Juan Pinillos commented Oct 22nd 2012:

    ha ha thats the recipe for me, some almond butter and an excedrin if its a bad headache.

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I sometimes get headaches and I think I have narrowed it down to:

    How much water I am drinking - need to drink lots!

    How much salt I am using - need to use not too much...

    If I didn't eat enough for breakfast (need to not get hungry too soon in the day)

    Coffee withdrawal (I drink less coffee now that I drink it black)

    How much sleep I get

Do any of these things seem possible, or do you only think it's something in the diet?

OR - was yesterday the cheat day? Cheat day day destroys me (and the day after cheat day too). The only way to offset it for me is to drink soooooooo much water during cheat and the next day.

  • Alyson Stinson Dopfer commented Oct 21st 2012:

    My cheat day was Friday, so yes 2 days ago. I didn't have this problem last week, that is why i didnt think about that. I drink a lot of water.. and haven't been hungry. So maybe the cheat day?? Thank you

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