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Hey 4 hour people!

I've pretty much asked this question twice before now but this time its serious!

I'm getting really frustrated with my progress in that there hasn't been any in couple of months! Its been so long since I've seen the scale tip even below 196 that I'm considering giving up and trying something else which I really don't want to do because I really enjoy the lifestyle accompanying the slow carb diet.

A quick summary of my story: I started the diet in January, my starting weight was 198lb (I don't have my measurements to hand right now). In June my cheat-morning weight was generally around 185 and my measurements were always a lot smaller than when I started. I was pretty happy with this amount of loss, at 6' 3" I felt I was in a good place and I had already lost the majority of the weight I wanted to on another diet previously.

In June I went to Italy for a week. The diet was in the bin for this week, I had just done the final exams of my degree and I was on holiday after all! I returned to the UK 198lb again but fully motivated to get back on the slow carb horse!

I've been hitting the diet hard now ever since, I even trialed a week of 'The Last Mile' diet but got nowhere. I have ruled a couple of things out like some supplements I was taking that had sucrose and maltodextrine in them and I've MASSIVELY increased my veggie intake and I drink water by the gallon (not literally, that would be incredibly inconvenient to carry).

Regardless, here I sit 10months after I started, 2lb lighter with pretty much identical measurements. I probably wouldn't mind this if I hadn't had the success up until June but I KNOW that there's a success story in me somewhere and for some reason its hiding!

Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated.



In response to the first two questions (the 'comments' boxes are always way too small!) a usual day looks like this for me:

7:30 - 50g of this shake (unflavoured) in 300ml of water http://www.myprotein.com/uk/products/impact_whey_isolate followed by 700ml of water. Note: up until now I never took protein shakes before, however this inclusion was what actually helped me shed the 2lb from 198 to 196.

8:30 - 3.5 mile bike ride

9:15 - 2/3 egg whites with 2/1 whole eggs, ~100g green lentils, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower with either cayenne pepper or black pepper to season. All cooked in about 1tbsp olive oil or less

12:30 - Soup made with red lentils and mixed vegetables. No potato, turnip, carrot or anything starchy but maybe 1tomato per serving. 500g or lentils easily makes 10 servings of soup.

17:00 - 3 mile bike ride home. Optional before or after snack, usually of meat or nuts (pulling chicken out as a snack often turns heads at the office)

18:00-21:00 - Dinner usually consists of some kind of meat (chicken, pork, steak etc) with vegetables (usual suspects are broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, green beans and peas but not often all at the same time) or mixed salad (again, no carrot beetroot or squash) with possibly 1 tbsp olive oil as dressing. Occasionally I will have beans or lentils with dinner as well.

Included throughout the day could be 2 tsp of peanut butter, up to 2 glasses of wine, up to 500ml diet coke and plenty of water. But these are not staples

Hope this helps!


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I just finished reading the book for the second time.

I am 100% convinced you are eating way too little. Way too little. Of course you didn't mention how much actual meat (chicken, beef) you're taking in, but as someone who does measure things in grams, 100 grams of lentils/beans isn't a lot. Especially considering you also cycle.

You didn't mention if you eat your breakfast within half an hour upon waking.

Good luck!

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 19th 2012:

    Hey, thanks, I had considered that I wasn't eating enough. My daily calorie intake is approximately 2500calories as an indication of the amounts of food but maybe you're right

  • Brenda 7 commented Oct 19th 2012:

    I read somewhere on this forum that if you are drinking a protein shake you shouldn't follow up with a breakfast later, am i correct people? the only other thing i see might be the peas & green beans (canned?). I can't click on links so i don't know how much protein you have in the drink. And the other thing, is what quantity of nuts are you eating. I think someone already asked if you are eating your 1st meal within 30 min. to 1 hr of getting up in the morning. You might also calculate your protein amounts for every meal to be sure you are getting enough protein.

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 19th 2012:

    Yeah I have the shake as soon as I wake up. The breakfast is then at least an hour later, the problem that the person suggested (if we're talking about the same post) was that the shake increases insulin levels so anything you eat with it will be stored but surely almost 2 hours later is ok? Something to consider though, you're right, I only saw that post earlier today. My vegetables are always either fresh or frozen so they aren't canned in any sugar or anything and I buy my legumes dry (and spend days cooking them!), Do you have any idea how much protein I should be consuming? Thanks for all the comments guys, really appreciate it!

    (the protein 'shake' is 90% protein so 45g with 0.17 carbs with no mention of sugar)

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 19th 2012:

    Oh, and my nut consumption is rare if at all and is always less than 50 almonds spread across the entire day

  • Brenda 7 commented Oct 19th 2012:

    On the protein amounts, i've first heard 20 grams for breakfast, but i'm doing 30 grams for breakfast, 20 for lunch and 20 for dinner. But i also saw another post on here, saying the protein amounts you should be eating is tied to how much body fat or weight you are, there's a calculation to determine that on here somewhere.

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I hate to ask, but some one will: Can you post an example of your typical daily intake? I wonder if this way of eating does not work for some people as well as others.

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 19th 2012:

    Thanks for your comment, please see me revision :-)


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You might be eating hidden sugars you aren't aware of too, are you keeping a food journal, that might help, and also post what you have been eating typically for a day or so. Hope you find out what's causing your stall, but good that you are hanging in there too.

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 19th 2012:

    Thanks for your comment, please see me revision


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A couple of things made me wonder.....Is the 100g of lentils with your breakfast the dry weight or the cooked weight? If it is the dry weight, it seems like an awful lot of lentils. The other thing I noticed was I couldn't see any meat in with your soup - you may need some more protein at lunch time. I sometimes have lentil soup, but I usually make a stock with a lamb or ham shank and then shred the meat into the soup. Very tasty =D

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 22nd 2012:

    Hi There,

    No, the lentil amount is the cooked weight of lentils, I'm not sure I could eat 100g of dry lentils in one sitting! Yes the meat in the soup is a good idea, I used to put some stock in soup however I (probably incorrectly) moved to making vegetarian options to cut down on the amount of fat and calories in there to see if that helped things along. It looks like I need to go completely in the other direction and load that bad boy up!

    Thanks for your help,



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I don't know - all i know is that I had hardly any progress as well the first 3 weeks in, and then the past few weeks I upped my breakfast protein wise, added more beans at lunch...cut down on snack nuts/nut butters and made my dinner smaller.

Suddenly I'm going half a pound a day.

We are all different and whatever I was doing in my fist few weeks wasn't working (or wasn't working at that key moment in time for me.)

Perhaps you need to change something up...maybe more protein at lunch and drop the shake in the AM? Replace that shake with 4-6 Brazil nuts or a spoon of Almond Butter?

Drop the diet soda? Do a half day of intermittent fasting? Add some more fermented foods? Slap an IcePack on your neck?

Something different is the key...it might shock your system and get things going...or, it's quite possible that I don't know what I'm talking about.


Also - how much do you think you need to lose? Are you close to your goal weight? Do you gain weight on binge day?

I for one have noticed that even of I don't lose weight, I feel better in general...so I'mall for it.

Good luck.

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 22nd 2012:

    Yes I agree, before my holiday in June I used to eat way more beans and generally way more. I guess its time to get the big plate out again!

    In terms of my target weight, right now I just want to get back to where I was before my holiday and then readjust my goals. My body fat is about 16% at the moment, in June it was 14% and as I say, I was a good 10lb lighter.

    Binge days for me, regardless of how wild I go, are always at least a 5lb increase in my weight. I like to think of my week as like skiing, I go up the mountain on Saturdays and spend the rest of the week rolling down and maybe I'll get a little further each week. Obviously recently this hasn't been happening!

    But you're absolutely right, loss or no loss, I still feel great, just a little disheartened


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First and formost, what is your body fat%?! Your may be gaining muscle mass and not fat. Since your really don't have much weight to lose, body measurements aren't a good indication of progress.

Diet considerations if you actually need to lose weight:

1) More protein with every solid food meal. The fact that your eating 5+ times a day means your not eating enough protein. You should only need 3 big meals and the protein shake in the morning.

2) Cut the diet soda, the chemicals will mess with your metabolism and your adrenal system.

3) More water 3-4L daily, Tim mentions this if your stall on weight loss this is usually the problem.

4) Make sure your drinking DRY red wine with very low reisdual sugars.

Cortisol considerations:

How are your stress levels?

How is your sleep?

  • Jim Scotson commented Oct 22nd 2012:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, protein levels seems to be a massive factor staring me in the face now, I don't know how I missed it before! In terms of diet soda, I don't drink that much anyway so that will be easy to cut out.

    My stress levels are pretty ok but who couldn't use more sleep right?!

    My body fat % is at about 16% right now however the only reliable way of measuring this I have at the moment is calipers which can be hugely un-reliable so...

    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.


  • Chris Montone commented Nov 10th 2012:

    No problem, with your level of body fat you probably not going to see huge numbers since your getting really close to the athletic range. I also want to re-iterate water, water water!

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