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Before and in-progress October!

I've been seeing some discouraged posts on here, and we're sinking into the depressing winter months when people tend to be most vulnerable to their bad habits and cravings, so I decided to finally make a progress report on here to encourage everyone to keep with it!

At close to starting weight of 279 lbs: (gross)


Earlier today at 239 lbs: (less gross!)


I'm around halfway to my goal already and it's only been 9 weeks! I know from experience that it takes longer the closer you get though, so diet and exercise will remain one of my top priorities going into the winter. Don't forget your Harajuku moment, it's an important motivator. Mine was going to an amusement park with my skinny girlfriend and having trouble cramming my fat behind into some of the coasters! I cried a little inside, then decided to kick my ass into gear.

Good luck everyone!


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And you are NOT gross....believe me, you are a handsome and good lookin' guy! :) Keep positive!! You are already making an even BETTER version of yourself.

Drew 2.0! Leaner and Stronger than before! :)

ROWR! Ladies watch out! :)

Keep it up!! Halfway there! GO GO GO!

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You both are doing well! Congrats to you both on your progress thus far and continue to push forward in your quest for a new healthy lifestyle! Great work and thanks for sharing!



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Oh my gosh, you've lost 40 pounds in 9 weeks!! that's awesome. i've only lost 22 in almost 10 weeks and i thought i was doing good.....

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 19th 2012:

    You're a woman, Brenda. Guys are traditionally going to lose weight faster because of their increased muscle mass. You are doing AWESOME for a woman. :) Keep it going, Brenda!

  • Drewfis H commented Oct 19th 2012:

    Akane is right. Also, I have been working out pretty rigorously almost every day, and I was until a couple years ago in pretty good physical shape, so it's easier to get back to that. From what I've heard, losing 1-2 lbs a week is a healthy rate of weight loss so you're doin great :)

    PS thanks for the support guys :) I really appreciate the community ere

  • Brenda 7 commented Oct 19th 2012:

    Thanks Akane and Drewfis, this forum has helped me a lot, just seeing everyone's progress is so cool!! Akane you are my hero!!


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That's awesome!! I love these kind of update posts, it makes me so motivated! Great job!

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