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Week 2 and cravin

Hey all! I am just finishing my 3rd day of week 2 and craving big time! No hormone changes at the moment so totally uncalled for? ;-)

I'm not going to cave..O:) im stonger than that but the urge.. horrible! =/

What would you do in this case, cause I am sure all of us have been there!


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Satisfy it. Do it the SCD way though. I make protein powder pancakes or black bean brownies. Usually does the trick. Be sure you don't go overboard with stevia/Splenda if you have to use it. Not needed really.

For protein pancake:

1 scoop protein powder.

1-2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream.

1 whole egg.

1-2 tablespoons of water if need be.

Mix vigorously, grease pan with Olive oil or whatever oil you'd like. Cook for about a minute, flip slowly because the consistency makes it easy to crumble, continue to let it cook for about 30 sec then eat. Usually I eat it in the bowl I mixed the batter for a nice wannabe syrup.

For the bean brownies you can search the recipe here on the site or on google. Goodluck!


  • Alyson Stinson Dopfer commented Oct 15th 2012:

    sooo I can have cream but not milk?

  • Minnesota commented Oct 15th 2012:

    Heavy whipping cream is ok to have in low quantities. Consider it a domino food and limit it to a serving per day only if you MUST have it. I only use it when I'm desperate.

  • Alyson Stinson Dopfer commented Oct 16th 2012:

    Thank you! I ended up brushing my teeth and ignoring the urge! Lets see what today brings!

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The thing that saved me my first 2 weeks was peanut butter and celery sticks, also 1/2 avocado with salsa and celery sticks. I'd cut my celery in 4ths and then either spread the pb on each stick or dip in the avocado. This did the trick, now i just do a peanut butter dip with a spoon, and eat that verrrrrrry slow.... I hardly get any cravings at all but if i do i grab the pb or cottage cheese. Hopefully, it'll pass for you soon. If you do the peanut butter, i think the book said 2 tablespoons max, but i'd try for 1 tablespoon or less so it won't stall your loss. Also sugar free jello is okay to have, i've yet to make some though.

  • Dmayoff Mayoff commented Oct 16th 2012:

    The cravings go away. I did SCD about a year ago, and I had lots of cravings the whole time...which is probably part of my I gradually stopped it. I have now been re-doing it (4 weeks in), and for some reason, after 2-3 days in, I experienced no cravings...even cheat day is not as highly anticipated as it was last year.

    One point to make though - I would find that my cravings went up a day or two after cheat yours could be due to that. Those starchy foods cause you to want more starchy foods...not sure how to prevent it...i don't get them this time, but I also always have a SCD breakfast on my cheat day, and wait one hour before cheating.

    Oh, and peanut butter and celery, as Brenda said! :)


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Like darrendad said, the cravings will go away. I usually don't do a lot of sweets for my cheat, instead I go for bread, potatoes (sometimes French fries), and a bit of fruit in addition to scd food. If you want to quell an immediate craving, your best bet is to drink 2 or even 3 glasses of water. If you're still hungry, eat a pickle, or some sauerkraut or kimchi :) also, try eating your meals much more slowly. I usually make sure I have a good 30 minutes to slowly chew my big egg plates. This WILL reduce your hunger for sure.

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