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For women, I think I need help. Period questions.

Okay, so my ride on the SCD has been sort of up and down. Let my start by saying I'm 5'7" and 128-133 lbs. I've been on it for about 3 months, and all in all I've lost and regained the same damn 5 lbs. So after the first month and a half of seeing no progress, I tweaked a lot of things, and it seemed the diet finally started to work and I lost 5 lbs and some inches until a couple days before my period started. I had no idea that I got SO bloated due to my period. But now that my period is nearing the end this month, the "bloating" hasnt gone away (I don't feel bloated, but thats the only way I can explain the gain in inches so suddenly) and I gained back the 5 lbs I lost after I made some changes to the diet. So the question is, for most women, how much do you gain on your period in weight and in inches, and how long does it last? Until the middle of your period? The end? A couple days after? I feel stupid asking this because I'm a grown woman and should be aware of this by now, but when you go from seeing results and feeling confident about it, to not seeing anything besides gain, it makes you wonder. Is it really just my period or am I actually gaining weight and inches? I'm not 100% sure how many inches I gain during my period or how long they last because before this diet, I never measured myself and I stayed away from the scale for the most part. At this point I'm just starting to get annoyed and pissed off. I spend days eating the same meals and not cheating, and ignoring all my cravings (which is almost like torture BTW, considering I live in a house surrounded by junkfood), doing workouts 3-4 days a week. I am devoted to this diet because I hate doing cardio, and before I had to do an hour of it a day just to MAINTAIN my weight, so theres no way I'm going back to calorie counting. I just need some help in figuring out why the hell I keep yo yo'ing back and forth when I haven't cheated or done anything wrong. Has this been happening to anyone else?


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Hi Katie,

While I can't speak to your hormone question simply because I'm a guy, I can try to help troubleshoot other possible reasons for your yo-yo like results. First and foremost, what is your schedule like? If you could provide us with a normal day of meals and water intake, along with any workout for that day, we could find the culprit to your results. Keep a positive attitude, there are countless women here that have and are in your shoes; they can do it and so can you! We're here for you.


  • Katie Jester commented Oct 15th 2012:

    After waking up: PAGG+cinnamon, L carnitine, calcium, and biotin. 3-4 days a week I do 75 kettlebell swings with a 25lb kettlebell, glute activation raises, and flying bird dogs (as he mentions in the book)

    Breakfast: 1-2 whole eggs, 1-2 egg whites depending on how many whole eggs, 2-3 slices of turkey bacon depending on how many eggs, maybe some onion and spinach and some sliced tomato

    lunch 1: a salmon filet with a heaping portion of broccoli and cauliflower, 1/2 c. of black beans

    lunch 2: fajita bowl i make at home with 4-5 oz. of sirloin steak, peppers and onions, lettuce, salsa, an avacado, hot sauce, black beans

    lunch 3: salad with salmon, peppers, onions, olives, and homemade balsamic vinagrette

    dinner: one of the above 3

    And I drink atleast 4L of water.

  • Katie Jester commented Oct 15th 2012:

    And thankyou BTW for your input!

  • Minnesota commented Oct 15th 2012:

    You could possibly be eating too many beans. Limit yourself to about a cup a day and spread them out over the course of the day. Also try limiting your fat intake a bit. An avocado has about the max amount of fat you want per day to add to your food. Fat, while good, is very caloric dense: 9kcal per gram to be exact. Limit your fat and beans and see what happens. Please keep us updated.

  • Katie Jester commented Oct 16th 2012:

    I try to only eat them at one meal but sometimes ill end up eating them at 2. But I'll start to be more conscience of how many beans I'm eating, same with the avacado. Ill only eat a half of one instead of a whole one. Ill let you know how things are going in a few days!

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I never weighed myself so religiously until I was on this diet so I knew I gained and lost a few pounds as my hormones changed, but I couldn't have told you how many or for how long! Now I know too much!

Personally, I see a short stall the week before my period. I don't usually gain, but I probably also don't lose anything. Then my period starts and by the end of the week I'm down the 2 I had expected, plus at least one, maybe 2 more. Similarly, the week I'm ovulating, I see a smaller loss, or no loss but the week after I have a bigger loss that usually evens it all up. By the time a month is up, I'm still averaging 8 pounds a month, or 2 pounds a week.

What helps the most is to NOT weigh every single day. I weigh the morning before cheat day and then compare to the same day, 4 weeks before. That's usually a better comparison, as my body is about as close to the same place hormonally as it's ever going to be. I'm not worried about daily fluctuations so long as the overall trend in the bigger picture is a downward one!


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I have the same problem at that time of the month. I get really bloated 2 days before and I stay bloated until 2 days after. so it's about 11 days of the month that I am bloated for which sucks tremendously. I try to do IF twice during that time and it has not only helped me be less bloated but it also jump starts some weight loss.

  • Katie Jester commented Oct 16th 2012:

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who's bloated for what seems like a decade. I plan on measuring before my cheat day Thursday so hopefully it will have all gone away by then. And what is IF? That's probably a stupid question but I had to ask ha

  • MaryC commented Nov 12th 2012:

    IF is Intermittent Fasting...I'm starting my second with of SCD and I want to try to IF on Mondays and Fridays, there are different methods of doing IF, I like Eat Stop Eat, where do fast for 24 hours, twice per week! I hope this helps.

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