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Upcoming cheat half week...best way to mitigate or just enjoy it?

I've got a crazy half work week coming up (monday-thursday), where I probably won't be able to avoid cheating unless I simply don't eat (includes fancy reception dinners and the like), which isn't really an option.

Thoughts on how best to mitigate, or should I just go semi-all out and enjoy it?

I can possibly fast on Tuesday...should I?

Thanks in advance!


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Check with the venues/restaurants ahead of time. See what they are serving and see if they can accomodate you with special dietary requests? If the restaurant/venue is out there to serve their customers, then they should be able to accomodate you.

Don't use stuff like this as a reason to "go off". If you MUST cheat, then get a very SMALL amount of whatever "no-no" food. LIKE REALLY SMALL. OR load up on things that you CAN eat that are "SCD Approved."

If you really want to get healthier and lose weight, things like this will happen. So, prepare ahead, ask, make healthier choices and just drink lots of water. :)

Good Luck!

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Hey there, fiesty_rabbit.

It's up to you. When eating out, especially for business at restaurants, it's fairly easy to go SCD. You can easily have a fish or meat option with a side of vegetables to match. I've been to several restaurants where the side was mash potatoes, but the waitress had no problem letting me switch that side out for mixed steamed veggies. I've also had steak on occasion with a side of vegetables too. And about dressings and sauces that come with your meal, you can always ask your waiter what's in the sauce or to serve the sauce aside.

If that doesn't seem viable for your case, you can enjoy your 4 day spree, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the SCD. You can't sacrifice a lifestyle change whenever its inconvenient (well, at least I couldn't lol). My advice is if you can't stick to it 100%, try to stick to it to as much as you can, be it 80% or 50%). Treating regular days like cheat days defeats the purpose of your body earning a break, and could easily trigger the onset of fat gain and an old bad lifestyle of eating. Hope that helps.


  • Maria Rider commented Oct 15th 2012:

    Total agreement, Jones! I mean, you are always going to be faced with social events and other events. You have to know when you can relax a little and when to make better choices if they are available to you. But, relaxing too often will just get you re-addicted to carbs/sugars and then there goes your progress. I find being in the SC lifestyle, it'd be hard now to really lapse back into how I ate before. I am actually making more of a subconsious habit of ordering more healthy. Sometimes I have to actually 'force' myself to order more relaxed, but maybe I shouldn't? :) I don't know if I will ever be too relaxed to lapse back. I don't think I will considering I have this "fear" of gaining it all back...so, my fear would trigger not getting too indulgent. :)


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Do the best you can, and pay attention to what you're consuming. Then get right back to it when your done with your trip. You'll be fine.


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I just got back from a little vacation and chose not to stick with the diet- here's what I did and my results.

Starting weight- 168LB

For 3 and a half days I

1- ate whatever I wanted for Breakfast- took CQ and ALA and Garlic beforehand and daily vitamins/supplements, did Damage control excersizes in the bathroom beforehand and 90 minutes after eating.

2- Skipped lunch(not a bog fan to begin with and after a late/large breakfast, just wasn't hungry)

3- Dinner- same as breakfast- ate whatever I wanted, supplemented, did Damage control- always before and a couple times after.

4- After Dinner- went out for cocktails, etc.

5-bedtime- CQ, Policosinal, ALA, garlic, Night time supplements.

6- When I got back home fasted for a day

End Weight- 172

and a day later I was back down to 168

Please note- results may vary, and I think thanks to my experimentation with IF I just can't eat as much as I used to be able to.


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I probably shouldn't say this, but....... I had an 8-day cheat span last year between my 1st 6 months and 2nd 6 months of SCD. (I'm 17 months in at present) I'd have to look up what I gained, but I do remember that all but one pound came off in the first week back on.

But, I agree with the others -- just do what you can to stay "on the program".....the biggest advantage is that you will still be FEELING so good as opposed to how crappy you're likely to feel if you are eating all carby.

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 25th 2012:

    Ya know, Gretchen, Doing SCD so long and now that I've reached my goal. I am sitting around going "Ok, now what?" because I am STILL doing strict SCD...and I find it is hard for me to stray from that yet. I kinda wanna still do it strictly and have my cheat days with hubby. And in doing so, I find myself STILL losing weight...and body fat. It boggles my mind seriously! I am thinking my body is so used to burning fat efficiently and building muscle that it just keeps on doing it. It's not like multiple pounds, but still!! I'm wondering WHEN my weight will STOP falling and basically say "ok, this is where you should be" :) Still waiting.....I am hoping this SHORT week(5 day SCD week) will make me still maintain without losing even MORE weight.

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