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I'm back with a new mission!

Last year at this time I attempted SCD for the first time...I had just lost about 30 pounds the 'conventional' way over a 2 year period.

Disclaimer - I was eating very close to SCD to begin was pretty close except there was fruits, and grains...and the occasional starch/sweet tossed in...meaning, I wasn't doing low fat or calorie counting and I'd cheat when I felt like it.

At any rate I wanted to boost my last little bit of weight loss off. Tim's book was great, so I decided to give SCD a shot.

Some weight came off (I did it for 3 months) - i dropped an additional 7 pounds or so, and then I decided to go back to how I had been eating before SCD.

It was OK...I didn't lose any more weight though my little bit of 'muscles' seemed to disappear =(

I never noticed them until they started leaving me ;)

Certainly my mood was all over the place. I gradually put on 3 more pounds or big deal.

Then...the the opposite of a Harajuka moment occurred and I went on a business trip and was provided with a food allowance. Not good. I'm from Canada...I was in the States, tempted by all this American fast foodstuff, with a daily budget that rivals my weekly family ended up putting on 5 pounds. Eeeek. =s

Then...I went on another trip...a month or so later...same deal...5 more pounds.


So, I tried "eating right" for a few more months...but nothing helped, so finally, after going a year off of SCD I decided to try SCD again.

It's been a month...weight loss is slowwwwww, but I'm not too bothered since I think by re-reading different parts of Tim's book, and convincing my wife (who need not lose any weight at all, but she's complained of low energy since we've had kids ) to try this diet, that I seem to have had a new Harajuka moment.


I realised that weight loss is only part of it.

Deciding to come back to a SCD way of eating has been great for my mood, and overall energy AND I am slowlllly losing weight BUT most importantly I'm planning on keeping at this in some way shape or form for LIFE!

Just thought I'd share.


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