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I'm MAD at LOMAD!!

Sorry, that's the best title I could come up with.


Liter of Milk a Day.

Have you done it? Did your BF% increase, stay the same.... OR did it drop?


Gallon of Milk a Day

Did you do it without puking?

Photos would be a great help! (not of the puking-- of your body changes!! sickos)


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Hey Shane,

I did LOMAD, but not after working out. 1/2 shake in the AM + 1/2 shake in the PM = 1 Liter of milk per day. I drank a Syntha protein shake during my workouts (15g of carbs) and ate a slow-carb dinner afterwards with a little rice or potatoes. Most of the other meals I wouldn't add the extra carbs, this slowed down my growth but it pretty much eliminated any fat gain, which a lot of people were complaining about. I do think drinking milk after your workout is the right move, maybe try .5L? The GOMAD is your total daily intake, I don't think he meant to have it ALL at once!

Update: I found an extremely detailed article on how to properly follow the GOMAD diet:


It says you'll gain 2-3% body fat per month, but once you stop, your body will retain the mass while you focus on burning off the excess fat.

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I've done the LOMAD, and no I didn't see an increase in body fat. As for GOMAD - if you're concerned about the thousands of youtube videos in which someone attempts to drink a gallon of milk in an hour and throws up every time - Don't worry! You can drink a gallon throughout the day no problem.

(For those curious, the reason why people puke after drinking that much in one hour does NOT have to do with stomach capacity - rather there is not enough of the enzyme that digests milk to handle that much dairy during that short of a period of time. That's why everyone who can drink a gallon of water thinks they can do milk but throws up every time)

  • Sam Green commented Feb 7th 2012:

    Then how come I can eat a ton of chocolate, a litre of ice cream and drink 2 milkshakes on cheat days and not throw up? Plus I sometimes have a few Oreos dipped in milk, and then drink the rest of the milk (which is a full glass). Haha maybe my body is resilient or something.

  • Beorn86 commented Feb 7th 2012:

    Probably because in those things, the dairy is diluted with sugar and water

  • sirspiffy commented Feb 7th 2012:

    Gotta have a milkshake or 7 next cheat day. Thanks for the tip

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